What is a keyword example?

What is a keyword example?

Examples of keywords “Paul has a house in the city.” If this article, text, or essay is about the house in the city, then the keywords are “house” and “city”. If the focus of the text is on Paul and his house, then “Paul” and “house” would be the key words.

What are keywords in texts?

Keywords or headwords are the most important terms (words and phrases) in a text. They help when working with texts and function as a key to the content of a text.

What are the key words?

What are key terms? Are terms of a text that have a special or important meaning.

What is a keyword in German?

What exactly are keywords? Words that are introduced at the beginning of a paragraph and thus determine the topic of the paragraph. Words that are referred to over and over again. Words that make a clear statement about the subject of the text.

Where does a new section of meaning begin?

Forming meaning sections A meaning section comprises a closed part of a text. It can consist of one or more paragraphs. A new section of meaning usually begins when a new person appears, changes location or the plot changes.

What is a meaning section?

In a paragraph, the written text usually has its own context (hence also called a section of meaning) or a small topic of its own. When this thought has been carried out, a new paragraph follows. It is used in typography as a line break, i.e.

How do I find meaningful sections?

In order to form sections of meaning, you first mark those sections that follow each other in a special reading pass, not necessarily individual paragraphs (!), Which, according to your own understanding, belong together in terms of content and topic. This can be done in different ways.

What is a section in a text?

One section deals with a specific topic related to the main subject of the text. There is always a heading above the section, with or without numbering. There is a gap between 2 sections. Use sections when there are more than 2 subtopics in a chapter.

How can you structure a text?

In order to be able to analyze longer texts better, the text can be structured and headings can be assigned to the individual text sections. The headings summarize in a few words what the content of the text actually is and show how it is structured.

What is the best way to start a table of contents?

In the introduction to your table of contents, you present the following information about the text in a compact introductory sentence: Type of text (short story, factual text, novella, etc.) Title of the text, name of the author, date of publication of the text (this information is not always given)

How do I start with the main body of a table of contents?

The main part of the table of contents Here you describe in your own words what exactly occurs in the story or the text. Avoid quotations and the use of slang language. Also, make sure that you play back the content in chronological order.

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