What is a working hypothesis?

What is a working hypothesis?

In the scientific field, a working hypothesis is an assumption that has yet to be specified;

How do I make an interpretation hypothesis?

Your interpretation hypothesis represents a first assumption. It does not have to be backed up with solid evidence and can also be wrong. The interpretation hypothesis should consist of a few sentences. It is important that these are clearly formulated and stand between the introduction and the main part.

What do you write in an interpretation hypothesis?

With the interpretation hypothesis you briefly describe at the beginning of your analysis what the basic message of the poem could be. As the term hypothesis suggests, it is just a guess. At the end of your analysis you can revoke or expand your interpretation hypothesis.

What do you write in an interpretation?

An interpretation is the investigation (formal text analysis) and interpretation of a text in the form of an essay. The possible intentions of the author as well as biographical and historical backgrounds are included.

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