What is an abecedarium example?

What is an abecedarium example?

Abecedaria usually have language-magical or form-playing content. In medieval legal handbooks, such as the Sachsenspiegel and the Schwabenspiegel, the alphabetical index arrangement is an embodiment of a formal abecedarium.

What is a cluster to the book?

The cluster is used to find and develop ideas on a specific topic. At the beginning, the main subject to be dealt with is written in the middle of a page. A circle or oval is drawn around it.

What is a cluster in German?

Cluster (English for ‘grape’, ‘bundle’, ‘swarm’, or ‘congestion’) stands for: computer science and mathematics: cluster (disk), logical summary of sectors on a disk.

What is meant by clusters?

Word Meaning/Definition: 1) heap or compound, collection or grouping of a larger number of uniform objects; Application examples: 1a) Mathematics: a collection or grouping of several points. 1b) physics: a small group of atoms or molecules.

What does the cluster mean?

The English word cluster means something like accumulation or agglomeration. Many families experience periods of cluster feeding during the breastfeeding period. Sometimes it’s a grueling few days in a row where the baby wants to breastfeed almost non-stop.

What does cluster mean in medicine?

Cluster medicine (synonyms: spagyrics according to Heinz, Heinz cluster analysis, blood crystal analysis; cluster, English: accumulation, agglomeration, grape) is one of the alternative medical procedures and was developed by the German naturopath Ulrich-Jürgen Heinz.

What is a cluster economy?

Porter defines a cluster as a spatial concentration of companies, specialized suppliers, service providers, companies in related industries and institutions (such as universities or business associations) that are linked in a value chain.

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