What is an adoption?

What is an adoption?

Through an adoption, a parent-child relationship is legally established with all the resulting consequences that is not based on biological parenthood. With the adoption, the underage child receives the status of a biological child and thus the name and nationality of the adoptive parents.

Why do you want to adopt a child?

Every couple has their own reasons for wanting to adopt a child. Basically, however, adoption aims to find a new family for a child who cannot grow up in his own family. You must learn to embrace and accept the non-biological child for who it is.

How can I adopt a child?

If you want to adopt a child in Germany, you must have unlimited legal capacity and be at least 25 years old under German law. The younger spouse must be at least 21 years old. There is no maximum age for adoptive parents.

How expensive is it to adopt a child?

In Germany, an adoption costs between 75 and 100 euros if the child was also born in Germany. If a child is adopted from abroad, the youth welfare office can incur costs of around 800 euros. The adoption from abroad itself can cost between 15,000 and 18,000 euros.

How long does it take to adopt a child in Germany?

The procedures take different lengths of time, both the aptitude test procedures (a few weeks or months) and the waiting time afterwards until an adoptive child is found/born. Some couples are already lucky after 1 to 2 years, other couples unfortunately wait 6 to 7 years and longer.

How hard is it to adopt a child?

Adopting a child is more difficult for homosexual couples because their cohabitation is still seen as ‘not optimal’. Adoption can be easier for them if they try it as individuals rather than as a couple.

How long does it take to adopt a child?

The length of an adoption process varies greatly. Some couples who wish to have children have an adopted child after just a year and a half, while for others the process takes five years or more. The duration depends on the number of competitors and whether the applicants match the profile sought.

What do I have to do to adopt a child?

Couples who want to adopt a child in Germany must first contact an agency – the youth welfare office at the applicant’s place of residence or a recognized independent agency – and complete an aptitude test. The specialists check exactly who comes into question as adoptive parents.

How to adopt someone

It is possible to adopt an adult. To do this, contact a notary. After all legal consequences have been explained and the contract has been concluded, the notary will apply to the local district court to decide on the adoption.

Can you adopt a child at 40?

Although there is no upper age limit for people willing to adopt in Germany, the distance between parents and children should not be more than 40 years. However, infants and small children are usually only placed with couples who are not older than 35 years.

How does adult adoption work?

The adult is equal to the biological children in the legal succession. Adult adoption introduces a new child into the family who has the same right to the inheritance as the adoptive parents’ biological children. The adopted child benefits from inheritance tax allowances.

What do you need for an adult adoption?

Formalities of an adult adoption: Adoption application An application by the adopter and also by the person to be adopted is required (ยง 1768 BGB). Both applications must be notarized and must not be subject to any condition or time limit.

How much does an adult adoption cost?

The costs of an adult adoption From an item value of EUR 500,000, the costs amount to approx. EUR 800 plus taxes and expenses, i.e. a total of around EUR 1000 (if all documents are notarized together).

Can you adopt a foreign adult?

The family court at the place of residence of the adopter has jurisdiction over the adoption of an adult. In this regard, the Federal Constitutional Court in particular: “If a German has adopted an adult foreigner, the person justified by Art. 6 para.

Can foreigners adopt in Germany?

What legal requirements do adoption applicants have to meet? According to German law, anyone who wants to adopt a child, whether in Germany or abroad, must have unlimited legal capacity and be at least 25 years old. In principle, married couples can only adopt a child jointly.

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