What is an Allegory German?

What is an Allegory German?

The allegory serves to visualize the abstract, the representation of the general in particular; this often happens through personification. The allegory usually has a meaning that has to be deciphered (Justitia, cross, ship).

What is a synecdoche?

A synekdoche (ancient Greek συνεκδοχή synekdoché, German ‘understanding’) is a rhetorical figure from the group of the tropics. It describes the replacement of a word by a term from the same concept field.

What is euphemism examples?

In this form, the stylistic device is used in order not to offend the recipient or to make what is said appear less drastic. Often the euphemism is used to show courtesy, respect, or even consideration. For example, bed history instead of affair or zero growth instead of stagnation.

What is the Hendiadyoin?

The Hendiadyoin [ˌhɛnˌdiaˌdy’ɔʏn] (Plural die Hendiadyoin; ancient Greek ἓν διὰ δυοῖν hen dia dyoin, German ‘one through two’, rarely also Hendiadys) describes a stylistic figure in rhetoric and linguistics that describes a complex term using two semantically unequal expressions that usually …

What is neologism?

The expression neologism is based on the ancient Greek words νέος neos “new” and λόγος logos “word”; in German the term could therefore also be called a new word or a new word.

What is a neologism example?

New combination: Existing words are connected to one another in a new way and thus become neologism. A café that enables its visitors to access the Internet for a fee is, for example, an Internet café. Further examples are literature pope or laptop bags.

What are new words?

New creation (also: word creation, word creation, original creation, new word formation) is understood to mean a newly formed word that, in contrast to word formation, is not derived from already known morphemes, but has been newly developed aurally. (Fleischer & Barz 1995: 5f .; Erben 1993: 18f.)

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