What is an allegory?

What is an allegory?

Allegoresis (allegorical interpretation) means the interpretation of allegories of all kinds, such as allegoresis of letters, jewels, colours, clothes and flowers. In literary studies, allegoresis refers to the historical interpretation of a text for a meaning that goes beyond the literal.

What do you call the pictorial representation of an abstract concept?

Often, however, the allegory also appears in the form of a personification. This means that an abstract concept (justice, death, love) is represented in the form of a person (Justitia, Grim Reaper, Cupid) who is provided with typical properties and characteristics of the concept.

What is an image called?

In architecture and interior design, the term visualization describes the pictorial representation of a planned building or an urban planning situation. The visualization takes the place of technical drawings, which are often difficult to read for laypersons.

What is representation?

Representation (to the semantic root present- “publicly handed over”, compare performance, loan, present) is the implementation of facts, events or abstract concepts by means of signs, performative actions or models.

What is a schematic drawing?

Instead of showing a picture of the thing being discussed, a schematic representation of the thing or underlying concept is shown. A schematic representation always makes sense when it comes to abstract processes.

What is a description?

The description serves to represent a concrete or abstract object, condition, context, facts, a person or a repeated or repeatable process with linguistic means in such a way that the addressee gains a precise idea of ​​it.

What is that expression?

Expression stands for: expression (linguistics) or linguistic expression, the expressive side of language signs. Expression of what is spoken or written as a language style, see Duktus (linguistics)

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