What is an open question?

What is an open question?

Question in a survey in which the number of possible answers is in principle unlimited. The question is answered not by ticking but by writing text or numbers. The disadvantage is that the evaluation of such questions is much more difficult than with closed questions.

How are you meaning

How are you? Meanings: [1] Interrogative sentence (interrogative sentence): Asks about the well-being or state of health of a friend or a well-known person. [1] Question, polite phrase.

Can how are you doing a purely rhetorical question?

For example, when I ask something like, “Are you okay? In our case, the rhetorical question, the person who asks the question already knows the answer himself. The speaker does not expect an answer from his counterpart. It’s an apparent question that basically answers itself.

How are you answer?

5 Answers. Just observe what other people say, as there are regional customs. You say “good”. And to ask them back you are to said “and you”.

How’s it going or how’s it going

Optionally with or without an apostrophe If the flow of reading is not made difficult, the Duden allows the spelling without an apostrophe: “this way” and “this way”, “if it is popular” and “if it is popular” or. “Make yourself comfortable” and “Make yourself comfortable”.

What are rhetorical example questions?

A typical example of a rhetorical question is: “Didn’t I tell you right away? “The questioner is not interested in gaining information. Rather, he underlines his previous statement. The rhetorical question in this case comes from “I knew I was right!

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