What is bibliographic information?

What is bibliographic information?

The bibliographic information (title, author, year, etc.) is the information that is necessary to describe a book or other literature clearly and unmistakably. They can vary in size; it depends on the publication.

Are non-fiction books citable?

This includes popular scientific publications, such as non-fiction books and guidebooks, but also journalistic publications in magazines and newspapers (cf. Literature from the Internet should only be used if it has been checked for its scientific nature.

Are scripts citable?

no! If the citation rules you follow specifically state that scripts or textbooks are not citable, then you must abide by them. Scripts and textbooks are wonderful learning materials. They are of course based on research literature, but usually do not go into the details.

Are master theses citable?

Bachelor theses or master theses are usually not published, which means they are not in e.g. quote from a bachelor thesis, you must therefore indicate the addition unpublished in the source. If a bachelor’s or master’s thesis is publicly accessible, e.g.

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