What is cell phone use doing to us?

What is cell phone use doing to us?

Ward concludes that having a cell phone nearby hogs us in a way that occupies resources in the brain. The working memory in the frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex, in the prefrontal cortex, for example. It can then perform less in other fields.

What happens if you use your cell phone too much?

Your eyes get tired. They can become dry, red, and even painful. Also, over time, you find it harder to focus on one thing. According to a recent study, the blue light from smartphones can even lead to blindness. Tip: Take your eyes off your cell phone more often and look into the distance.

Can you get sick from cell phones?

Yes, your cell phone can make you sick. E-mailing, chatting, phoning with your smartphone – not only weakens the battery, but also your health. SMS thumb, video shoulder and Co. are the consequences.

What is dangerous about cell phone addiction?

His credo: “Mobile phone addiction is a disease.” Health risks for smartphone users have been scientifically proven: high blood pressure, eventually dementia, diabetes, not to mention poor concentration.

How long should you use the cell phone a day?

The smartphone is used between three and five hours every day. According to the study, there are hardly any reasons for users to give up their mobile phones even for a month. Not for a 10% salary increase, a free vacation to your dream destination, or a day with your favorite stars.

Which mobile phones radiate the most?

Top 10 most radiating cell phones (SAR value/as of December 2019): Xiaomi Mi A1* (1.75) Xiaomi Mi Max 3* (1.58) Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G* (1.56) Oneplus 6T * (1.55) (Our test of the 6T)HTC U12 Life* (1.48)Xiaomi Mi Mix 3* (1.45)Sony Xperia XA2 Plus* (1.41)Google Pixel 3 XL* (1.39 ) (Our review of the Pixel 3 XL)

How far do cell phone rays reach?

Even at a distance of 3 meters from a mobile phone, the radiation is still at least 200 times the “normal” radiation without a mobile phone….How strong is the radiation from a mobile phone?Distance from the mobile phoneRadiation density measured in μW / m21.5 m300 – 1’5002 m200 – 1’0003 m200 – 6003 •

What shines the most?

Radioactive radiation, for example, is emitted when atomic nuclei break down into other nuclei of their own accord. Such radiating nuclei, also called radionuclides, can be found everywhere in the environment: Uranium-238, which is bound in various rocks, is the most common.

Which smartphone has little radiation?

1st place: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ end up in pole position among cell phones with a low SAR value. With a very low SAR value of 0.19 W/kg (Note 10+) or 0.21 W/kg (Note 10), both smartphones in the series are particularly low-radiation.

Which SAR value is harmless?

The SAR value of a maximum of 2 watts per kilogram was classified as harmless to health. This maximum value is checked according to European measurement standards (EN 62209-2). This value must not be exceeded in Germany. The current smartphones and mobile phones are all well below this value.

What are good SAR values?

According to the BfS, SAR values ​​of less than 0.8 W/kg are considered good. The Blue Angel eco-label is for smartphones with a SAR value of less than 0.6 W/kg. The “Blue Angel” eco-label is only available for smartphones with a SAR value of less than 0.6 W/kg.

How dangerous are cell phone rays?

Cell phone radiation is dangerous, say critics. In contrast to the results of the Stiftung Warentest, some experts see an increased health risk from microwaves, i.e. cell phone radiation. One example is Wulf-Dietrich Rose, who has been dealing with electrosmog for more than 30 years.

Are cell phones bad for your eyes?

The constant close-up view of the cell phone damages muscles and the optic nerve in the long run. The result: eyes itch, water, flicker, tire. Experts also speak of the “digital eye disease”. The result is often painful and red eyes that are constantly dry and tired.

What is the SAR value of my cell phone?

The radiation from smartphones is specified with the so-called SAR value (specific absorption rate)….This is how the current top models perform.ModelSAR value ear (W/Kg)SAR value body (W/Kg)Huawei Pony Xperia amsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy A•

What radiation does a mobile phone emit?

Cell phones use electromagnetic radiation to transmit calls and data. This mobile phone radiation not only hits the devices but is also absorbed by the human body and causes the body to heat up.

Which iPhone shines the least?

The SAR values ​​are disturbingly high, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) states the radiation of the mobile phone at 1.38 (on the ear) and 1.34 (on the body). The Apple iPhone 7 plus is only slightly better with 1.24 (on the ear) and 1.0 (on the body).

How much radiation does the iPhone 7 have?

For one, the limit is 1.6 watts per kilogram of body tissue, here the iPhone 7 comes to a value of 1.19 watts per kilogram when measured on the head. With the other method, the limit is 2.0 watts per kilogram, here the iPhone 7 has a value of 1.38.

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