What is done at the first meeting with the midwife?

What is done at the first meeting with the midwife?

Basically, the first consultation is about the midwife getting to know you and your history. That means she will ask you various questions about your health history, that of your family, and your mental health.

What does a midwife need to bring?

Prerequisites Overview Minimum age 17 years. Possess a secondary school diploma or alternatively. Possess a secondary school degree and completed at least two years of vocational training.

How does it work with the midwives?

Support during and after the birth If the birth is normal, a midwife can take responsibility for the birth. She monitors the condition of the child and supports the mother in processing the labor pains and coping with the birth pains.

What does a midwife job do?

They carry out normal deliveries independently. They monitor the progress of the birth, calm the mothers down, encourage them to practice breathing and relaxation, and check the vital functions of mothers and children. In the event of complications, consult doctors or

What subjects do you need to be good at to become a midwife?

Important school subjectsBiology : Knowledge of this subject is a good basis for understanding the biological processes involved in pregnancy and childbirth.Chemistry : German : Mathematics :

How much does a midwife earn per month?

Midwives are classified in the Nursing pay bracket, so they earn the same as nurses. As a midwife in the public sector, your salary is therefore on average between 20 euros when you start your career and can increase to 2800 euros gross.

How much does a midwife earn net?

Gross salary as a midwifeProfessionmidwife/maternity nurseMonthly gross salary€2,765.50Annual gross salaryHow much net?

How much does a midwife earn per birth?

According to the Association of Midwives, a freelance midwife and obstetrician earns an average of EUR 14,000 per year – EUR 7.50 per hour net.

How much does a Freelance Midwife make?

Midwives who were both freelance and employed achieved a median total income (from gross earnings and profit before taxes) of around 28,088 euros. Taxes and social security contributions have already been deducted from the net earnings for employees.

How much does a midwife earn in training?

During their training, midwives receive the following training allowance: Year of training EUR 900 gross. Apprenticeship year 1040 euros gross. Year of apprenticeship 1,200 euros gross.

How long do you have to study to become a midwife?

From 2020, the profession of midwife will be a study occupation and can be completed as a dual study program. The course usually lasts eight semesters and is divided into three phases.

How to become a freelance midwife

If you want to work as a freelance midwife, you must have successfully completed specialist training and meet the health requirements. For professions in the health sector, it is customary to undergo regular examinations by the health department.

Can you become a midwife?

Since 1985, men in Germany and Austria have also been allowed to work as midwives; In both countries, the professional title of midwife is also provided for by law for men. In Switzerland, training and professional practice are also possible for men.

What is a maternity nurse?

(m/f/d) Midwives and obstetricians look after and monitor pregnancies, advise pregnant women and help with childbirth and the care of mother and child.

How many male midwives are there?

Nevertheless, male midwives are quite a rarity in Germany. The German Association of Midwives (DHV) speaks of 6 male midwives in the entire republic, but Richter knows of around 35.

How many midwives are there in Germany?

The statistic shows the number of midwives and maternity nurses (in 1,000) in Germany in the years 20. In 2018, around 25,000 midwives and maternity nurses were counted throughout Germany.

How many birth centers are there in Germany?

There are no exact figures as to how many birthing centers in Germany currently offer women obstetric care close to where they live and where this can be found. The network of birth centers lists 128 birth centers.

How many women does a midwife look after?

If every midwife were to look after around 35 women a year, it would probably come close.

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