What is quantitative research?

What is quantitative research?

Quantitative research is empirical research that uses special data collection methods to generate quantitative data and process it statistically in order to discover new effects (exploration), describe populations and test hypotheses (explanation) (Bortz; Döring 2006: 738).

What quantitative research methods are there?

The quantitative research methods include: the survey, the systematic observation, the quantitative content analysis, the experiment.

What data collection methods are there?

Quantitative methods include measurements, counting, the analysis of statistical data, surveys, tests and structured observations. In the qualitative data collection, detailed, subjective and individual findings about attitudes and actions are determined.

What is an examination method?

Investigation method, 1) Procedure with which the various scientific disciplines try to answer their questions (validity) in order to increase their knowledge gain (epistemology and biology).

What is a written survey?

What is a written survey? In the context of written surveys, a questionnaire is drawn up that is filled out by the test persons themselves. In contrast to telephone or face-to-face interviews, there is no interviewer present to read the questions and write down the answers.

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