What is special about Beethoven?

What is special about Beethoven?

Ludwig van Beethoven (baptized December 17, 1770 in Bonn, Kurköln; March 26, 1827 in Vienna, Austrian Empire) was a German composer and pianist. He led the Viennese Classic to its highest development and paved the way for the music of the Romantic period. He is regarded as one of the most important composers par excellence.

Who was Ludwig van Beethoven?

Beethoven became hard of hearing at the age of 27. At 48 he was completely deaf and suffered from tinnitus. According to the latest investigations, it is said to have been a result of “typhus fever”, transmitted by a rat flea. Nevertheless, he continued to compose.

What subjects did Beethoven teach himself?

From the age of 18 he was taught piano, organ and composition by Ch. G. Neefe. Already in his early youth he played in public and stood in for his teacher on the organ.

What instrument did Ludwig van Beethoven play?

Beethoven played other instruments for this, namely piano, violin, viola and organ. Which instrument did Beethoven like best? Beethoven himself played the piano, organ, violin and viola. As a pianist he was very, very good.

Who taught Beethoven?

One of his most important sponsors was Christian Gottlob Neefe. He taught Beethoven from the age of ten and also ensured the publication of his first works. Neefe also aroused Beethoven’s interest in philosophy and politics, which later flowed into his music again and again.

What was Beethoven’s profession?


When did Beethoven start playing the piano?

In March 1778, at the age of seven, Beethoven made his first public appearance as a “piano-playing prodigy”. Many other smaller appearances followed, also at house concerts.

Where is Ludwig van Beethoven from?

Bonn, Germany

How did Beethoven earn his money?

Beethoven himself advertised a copy in the Wiener Zeitung for one guilder. Beethoven earned his money as a freelance composer and music teacher, for example for Archduke Rudolf. However, he also received donations from patrons, for example in 1800 an annual salary of 600 guilders. For this he dedicated his works to nobles.

What do we know about Beethoven’s health?

Ludwig van Beethoven’s health was often not at its best throughout his life. Around 1800, when the first symptoms of his deafness appeared, he was already plagued by a hypersensitive stomach and intestinal problems. Beethoven loved nature, along with music, it was one of the most important things in his life.

How and where do we encounter Beethoven’s music today?

How and where do we encounter Beethoven’s music today? Even today we encounter his music every day. On the radio, in concert, on the Internet, in the cinema, as a ringtone, as music on hold – or in the Beethoven app! _ _______________________ Fill out the profile and attach the appropriate picture.

What ailments did Beethoven have?

Even without being hard of hearing or deaf, Beethoven was a sick man. He had measles, but also smallpox. Beethoven’s face mask, created by Franz Klein in 1812, shows characteristic pockmarks.

Where is Ludwig van Beethoven buried?

Vienna Central Cemetery, Vienna, Austria

Where did Beethoven die and where was he buried?

Beethoven was originally buried at the Währinger Friedhof, as was Schubert, who is to his right. A monument was erected in the middle of Mozart. He is buried at St. Marx Cemetery.

Did Mozart and Beethoven meet?

There are also no really reliable sources about the encounter between Beethoven and Mozart, which is said to have happened in 1787. The piano prelude by the Bonn genius in Vienna is always a beautiful story. Mozart is said to have said afterwards: “Take care of him – one day he will make a name for himself in the world.”

How many children does Beethoven have?

The marriage between him and his wife Maria Magdalena produced seven children, but four of them died in infancy. Ludwig van Beethoven had two younger brothers who played a role in his life: Kaspar Karl, born in 1774, and Nikolaus Johann, born in 1776.

Does Beethoven have descendants?

In 1792 he moved to Vienna for further training with Joseph Haydn; two years later he caught up with his brothers Nikolaus and Kaspar. As is well known, Ludwig himself had no descendants, but his brothers did.

When did Ludwig van Beethoven marry?

It is assumed that Maria Magdalena met Johann van Beethoven, who also worked in the court orchestra, through these family connections. Both married in Bonn on November 12, 1767 and had seven children together, only three of whom survived infancy.

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