What is the best way to prepare for a recruitment test?

What is the best way to prepare for a recruitment test?

Don’t be afraid to ask every now and then; the attitude has to be right. Clarify the following questions for yourself in advance. Get to know tests and exercises. Keep your general knowledge up to date. Find out specific information. Find out about the requirements. Train tasks.

What happens if you fail the recruitment test?

If you have not passed the recruitment test, it is a shame, but not the end of the world! If you have been invited to take a recruitment test, this is a good step in the right direction. After all, your application passed the first selection round. In the test you can now show what you can do.

When will you get a notification after the recruitment test?

Expect 6 weeks. that will take a while. First of all, the tests have to be evaluated. You don’t need to ask, you will definitely be informed.

How does a recruitment test work?

The tests usually last between 60 minutes and 3 hours. A break can usually be taken halfway through a 3-hour test. There may be interruptions to tests that are carried out at home. The company indicates how often the test is allowed to be interrupted.

What is a recruitment test?

Recruitment test: questions, exercises and tasks. With a recruitment test or aptitude test, HR managers find out how good the general education of applicants is, how you can deal with numbers, how confident you are in the German language and which distinctive character traits you are characterized by.

What is an apprenticeship recruitment test?

When you apply for a vacant apprenticeship position, you will often be confronted with recruitment tests in the subsequent selection process. Each training company has its own preference when it comes to selecting applicants. A common procedure is, for example, to first look at the application documents.

Is the aptitude test and the recruitment test the same?

An aptitude test is not the same as an interview, but it has the same goal: to find out how high the potential of applicants or candidates is. We’ll show you what to expect in the aptitude test and how you can prepare for it.

What do I have to take with me during an employment test?

What to bring to the recruitment test The paperwork. First of all, you should have the invitation and your ID with you. Writing utensils. Take one or two pens and a notepad with you. Sports gear, shower kits and a change of clothes. Catering. Money.

What do you wear for the police recruitment test?

Police interview: clothes You have to feel comfortable in your outfit! Rule no. Your clothes must be clean and ironed! Rule no. Avoid wearing an outfit that is too flashy! Rule No. Don’t forget your hair and fingernails!

What percentage do you have to have to pass an employment test?

So to get a place in the top ranks, you should be better than your competition, because the authorities then invite the best applicants for an interview. Most of the time, these are applicants who have achieved at least 70% in total in the recruitment test, and would like to see even more percent.

What to wear for the police recruitment test?

You can dress sportily. that means jeans and a good sweater. There were NO suits with us, according to the load ekg, a suit is pure hell. You should definitely be well-groomed and no t-shirts (if it’s warm) with naked women on them (should be clear).

When are the recruitment tests at the Federal Police?

If you want to start your apprenticeship or your studies in September, you have until the end of December of the previous year to submit your application. The recruitment tests for the middle-level police force then always start from July, the selection process for the higher-level police force start from August.

How many points do you need for the police?

The required minimum criteria must be met in all test parts. The selection process is considered passed if you have reached or exceeded all minimum criteria or the minimum point value of 197.22 points. The maximum total point value that can be achieved is 1,000 points.

Is it hard to get in with the police?

The police recruitment test is definitely far from child’s play, but it is also not so difficult that hardly anyone would pass it. However, you should prepare for the test. Preparing for the test is, on the other hand, very possible.

How many police officers will be hired in 2020?

Hiring date September 2020 For more than 800 hires in the 2nd QE. The recruitment grade was partially 3.02.

How many police officers will be hired in NRW in 2020?

The police of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia started this year’s application process for the start of studies

How many applicants do the police have?

Bavaria has advertised around 1,500 job vacancies for police officers in the last 20 years. Around 10,500 applications were received for these vacancies.

How many police officers are there in Germany?

There are a total of 319,400 police officers In the federal and state police forces, there has been the largest increase in personnel in more than 20 years with an increase of 6,100 employees.

How many police officers does Germany have in 2019?

Basics. How many law enforcement officers there are in Germany cannot be easily quantified, but around 250,000 can be assumed (table).

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