What is the best way to write a discussion?

What is the best way to write a discussion?

Write a text-based discussion: Instructions Read the text thoroughly. Develop the arguments. Take a stand (collect pro and con arguments) Write a discussion according to a three-part structure (introduction, main part, conclusion). Check with the checklist.

What is an argumentative text?

An argumentative text is the logical interpretation of an introductory thesis. The argumentative text form primarily tries to convince the reader of the correctness of this thesis by means of a carefully prepared line of argument.

What is the end of a discussion?

At the end of your argument there is the end. With it you briefly summarize the essentials again and present your own opinion in a well-founded manner. Here one should no longer argue again, but bring the course of the argument back to the point.

What belongs in an argument?

Every good argument consists of 4 parts: headline, thesis, reason and example. You should use factual, appropriate language in your arguments.

How is a linear argument structured?

In the linear discussion, a question is given (no text, just a question). You have to take a clear position and argue from one perspective (no for and against). You start with the weakest argument and increase the arguments. The most important argument comes at the end.

What is a Discussion Simply Explained?

The discussion is a written argument. It is used to express your own opinion on a certain issue objectively and reasonably and to convince the reader of your own position.

What is the topic question?

The topic questions specify and concretise the topic or the topic and thus differ linguistically and in terms of content from the question of how the topic is formulated more or less clearly.

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