What is the difference between general practitioner and general practitioner?

What is the difference between general practitioner and general practitioner?

What is a general practitioner? As a general practitioner, the general practitioner ensures the basic medical care of the population alongside the specialist in internal medicine (internist) and the pediatrician. As a general practitioner, he is the first point of contact for his patients’ health problems.

How does one become a general practitioner?

In order to become a doctor, you must first complete a medical degree. This lasts 12 semesters and is divided into several phases: the preclinical phase, the clinical phase and the practical year. You complete your studies with the 2nd state examination and then receive your license to practice medicine.

Can an internist be a family doctor?

General practitioner internists work differently Concretely and measurably, this results in the fact that general practitioner internists carry out significant special diagnostic services in larger numbers than general practitioners.

What kind of doctor is an internist?

What is an internist? The specialty of the internist is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases. He carries out many treatments himself, but also refers patients to special medical practices such as angiologists (vascular doctors) or rheumatologists.

Is an internist a pulmonologist?

Specialist in internal medicine and pneumology: Lung specialist.

Can you see an internist without a referral?

You can contact a doctor of your choice at any time and are not tied to panel doctors. A transfer is not required. However, the medical necessity of treatment is also a prerequisite for reimbursement by health insurance.

Which doctor needs a referral?

Since the practice fee was abolished, it is no longer absolutely necessary to go to a specialist with a referral (exception: radiologists, nuclear medicine specialists and doctors with restricted approval). However, some specialists still want referrals.

Can you see a urologist without a referral?

You can go directly to a specialist doctor. A transfer is therefore not necessary.

For which doctors referral?

A referral for co-treatment is issued if the treating doctor considers additional therapeutic or diagnostic measures necessary that he cannot provide himself. On the other hand, further treatment is recommended if a change of doctor is necessary due to the patient’s living situation.

Is a referral to an ENT necessary?

An ENT doctor in your area can usually give you an appointment at short notice. Since you are free to choose a doctor, you can choose a specialist doctor you trust in the area. A referral is not necessary for a visit to the ENT doctor.

Can I go to the cardiologist without a referral?

As a rule, you have received a referral from your family doctor or a specialist for a cardiological examination or additional treatment. But you can also get a regular appointment with us without a referral, the costs of which are usually covered by your health insurance company.

Why do you need a referral from your family doctor?

The certificate is used for communication between the doctors, because the family doctor can already note which illness he suspects in the patient and which examinations are necessary. In addition, the specialist can send the findings back to the family doctor after the diagnosis or treatment has been completed.

How long is a referral from a general practitioner to a specialist valid?

How long is a transfer slip valid? A transfer is valid for the entire quarter in which it was issued. If the doctor named on the referral does not start treatment until the following quarter, the referral slip issued in the previous quarter may still be used.

Can a doctor deny me a referral?

Basically, according to the professional regulations, every doctor is obliged to comply with a patient’s request for a referral. If he refuses a referral, he can be reported to the Medical Association for violating the professional code.

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