What is the NT subject?

What is the NT subject?

The subject of nature and technology ties in with the initial situation of the pupils from primary school. In their daily life they encounter scientific phenomena more and more consciously and are interested in their background and context.

Is the canton school a middle school?

In Switzerland, the canton school (grammar school / maturity school) and other schools at the same level are referred to as secondary schools.

Is the secondary school a middle school?

In Saxony-Anhalt (since 1991) and in Bremen (since 2005) the secondary school is a secondary school that corresponds to an integrated secondary school. It is attended after the elementary school after the fourth or sixth school year, provided that the grammar school is not attended.

What does successful high school graduation mean?

Successful graduation from middle school is awarded to those who have passed the ninth grade of middle school. This is the case if the annual report has an average grade (without the sports grade) of 4.0 or better and does not contain the grade five more than three times (the grade six counts as two five times).

What is the M branch?

“M” stands for secondary school leaving certificate. For years, the Herrieden Middle School has been offering a four-year course, an M-Zug, which leads to the middle school leaving certificate in its own classes. The M train begins in grade 7 (M 7) and ends in grade 10.

How long does the English qualification take?

practical 120 min. Oral exam: The qualification is passed up to and including 55 points (grade point average 3.06). you have to take an oral exam in math OR German.

How long do you have time for the German Quali?

The exams in German and mathematics each last 10 minutes.

What kind of grade point average do you need for qualification?

You have passed the Quali (or the qualifying degree from middle school) if the average grade of your overall assessment is 3.0 or better. The overall evaluation is calculated from the subjects of the special performance assessment.

When do you get the qualifying results?

The qualification is passed if you have a grade point average (sum of the annual grades and qualification grades: 18) of 3.0 or better. You can already start a test run with the help of our qualifying calculator!

When do you get a secondary school diploma?

With an average grade of 3.0 and better, the qualifying secondary school diploma can be achieved through the additional English test. If no English exam is taken and the average grade is not worse than 4.4, the secondary school leaving certificate is awarded.

When do you fail middle school leavers?

Average of all relevant subjects 4.0, average of core subjects 4.0, no unsatisfactory in a core subject, qualified compensation for more than one grade below sufficient or for an unsatisfactory in a non-core subject.

When is the qualification written?

Written examinations: Fri, utersprachMo, uali EnglishDi, uali German / German as a second languageMi, uali MathematikDo, uali PCB / GSE

When is qualification 2020?

b) Qualifying graduation from middle school Monday, English Tuesday, German and German as a second language Wednesday, mathematics Thursday, history / social studies / geography and physics / chemistry / biology Friday, mother tongue (no postponement!)

When do the qualification exams start?

Only in the mother tongue subject is the exam date on June 17th. The exams start on July 6th, 2020 instead of June 22nd.

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