What is writing an opinion?

What is writing an opinion?

The statement is a type of text that we encounter in German classes in high school. Anyone who takes a stand tries to make their own point of view on a position or an issue clear and to explain it to other people (often outsiders) in a comprehensible, convincing and plausible way.

What does an opinion look like?

Like many texts, the Opinion has three parts: an introduction, a body and a conclusion. In the introduction to the statement, you set out what you are commenting on. Introduce briefly by also briefly writing what opinion you represent.

What is information?

Word meaning/definition: 1) a piece of information; a statement about something. 2) Establishment where information can be obtained. 3) Telephone hotline, where you can ask for telephone numbers, among other things. 4) obsolete: tool, solution to a problem; Way out, help.

What does give information mean?

enlighten · provide information · instruct · brief · inform · orient (Swiss) · instruct · inform · instruct (technical)

What is the phone number for information?

The domestic information could be reached via the telephone number 118 (later 01188), the foreign information via the number 00118. With the privatization, the Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railways (BNetzA) has also approved other providers who can offer such services.

What does entitled to information mean?

The obligation to provide information is a legally standardized right to receive information from or about a specific legal or natural person. The obligation to provide information can also relate to information on a specific fact.

Is the tax office obliged to provide information?

In difficult tax issues, the tax authorities are obliged to provide information – for a fee. Anyone who pays the fee will receive information from the responsible tax office. With a request to the tax office, companies can reduce their risk.

How can personal information be given?

1 of the General Data Protection Regulation, the information can be given in writing, electronically or, at the request of the person concerned, orally. However, if the information is provided orally, the identity of the data subject must be proven in some other way.

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