What makes a person?

What makes a person?

Temperament, character and personality are often used interchangeably, with personality being the more modern term. Property, in turn, means in the literal sense what is inherent in a person. The compound noun character trait describes what makes a person.

How is a character formed?

People also carry intelligence and personality in their genes. But before the true character of a person shows, it lasts at least until kindergarten age. “Personality,” says Elsner, “consists partly of genes, the other part is shaped by the environment.”

Is honesty a character trait?

Honesty describes the moral quality of being honest (from “honest”, ahd. “êrlîh”, mhd. “êrlîch”) and is today mostly used to mean honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, openness, straightforwardness and fairness.

What does it mean to be a sincere person?

Sincerity (sincerity) describes a characteristic of personal integrity and means standing by oneself, by one’s values ​​and ideals, and by expressing one’s own feelings and one’s own inner convictions without disguise in speech and actions.

What are the properties of substances?

A substance property is characteristic and specific for a substance or a substance mixture. Under normal conditions, each pure substance is identifiable by a unique set of properties. In mixtures of substances, on the other hand, the properties of the components overlap or form completely new ones.

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