What not to do in a presentation?

What not to do in a presentation?

11 PowerPoint Presentation Mistakes to Avoid Too much text on the slide. A font that is too small. Too many different fonts and effects Place images behind the text. Background and font color are the same. The missing outline. Huge quote blocks.More entries…

What makes a successful presentation?

What makes a successful presentation? In addition to a clear goal and a clear structure of the presentation, it is particularly important that the presenter is oriented towards the target group.

What makes a good PowerPoint?

The Best Rules for a Convincing Powerpoint PresentationA good presentation is a relevant extract. Be economical with style elements. The order matters. Rigid graphics are rarely remembered. Make a splash. The slides don’t play the main role, you do. Distribute a handout.

What do I have to consider with a PowerPoint presentation?

When giving a PowerPoint presentation, you should consider the following: Do not overwrite the slides: no more than seven lines per slide. The minimum font size is 24 pt so that everyone can easily read the slides. Use an easy-to-read font like Arial, Verdana, or Times New Roman.

How many slides should a PowerPoint presentation have?

The rule of thumb is: 2-3 minutes per slide. This means: a maximum of 30 slides with a presentation time of 60 minutes. Your audience sees your lecture for the first time and usually has no idea about your topic.

How do you structure a PowerPoint presentation?

The very simple structure of a presentation is: introduction, main part, conclusion. The introduction and conclusion should be clearly separated from the main part. Make sure that there is a key question that can be answered with a conclusion at the end.

How to make an English presentation?

ExampleOK, then, I’d like to begin. – Okay, then I’d like to start. Let’s get started. – Let’s get started. If I could have everybody’s attention. – If I could have everyone’s attention, please. Good morning, everyone. – Good afternoon, everybody. Hello/Hi everyone…

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