What questions are asked in the colloquium?

What questions are asked in the colloquium?

The colloquium usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. You can use the following questions as a guide: Why is your topic relevant to the current state of research? What is the goal of your work? Are there any surprising results?

What goes into a colloquium?

The colloquium usually consists of two parts, a presentation and a discussion part. In the first part you present your work and the most important results. In the second part, a discussion takes place in which the examination committee asks you questions about your work.

What is a defense?

a defensive military operation, see Operation Type#Defense. Defending the accused in criminal proceedings, see criminal defense attorney. the oral defense of a scientific work, see colloquium or disputation.

How long does a defense last?

However, the defense almost always consists of two parts – a presentation part and a subsequent discussion part. The presentation part is usually 15-20 minutes long, the discussion part about 30-40 minutes. Rarely does a defense last longer than an hour.

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