What should and shouldn’t be on a résumé?

What should and shouldn’t be on a résumé?

Gaps in the résumé are taboo. Your final grade and, if applicable, major should also be stated; Primary school visits, on the other hand, are of no interest to the personnel manager and do not belong in a résumé. The general rule is: as little information as possible, but as much as necessary.

How many school reports in the application?

Attachments that belong in your application: your last three school reports. Job references / letters of recommendation. Certificates (e.g. language courses and courses) Certificate of honorary positions (e.g. in a sports club)

What kind of attachments should an application include?

Attachments in the application Which attachments belong in the application? In addition to job references, certificates of attendance and diplomas, personal letters of recommendation are becoming more and more important. The attachments to an application follow on the cover sheet, application letter and curriculum vitae.

Which attachments shouldn’t be missing from an application?

These are the most important attachments for a successful application The last school leaving certificate showing your highest educational qualification Internship and training certificates (this also includes a school internship) Recommendations from your previous employers (e.g. a positive assessment)

Can you apply without a job reference?

Especially when applying. Anyone who cannot produce job references is quickly under general suspicion; there could be a negative reason – for example, because the applicant wants to hide a particularly bad reference. In fact, you can apply without a certificate.

How important is a good job reference in the application?

Certificates are so important because they show the future employer what qualifications you really have. They are, so to speak, proof of the information you provided in your application letter and CV.

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