What should you write at the end of a PowerPoint presentation?

What should you write at the end of a PowerPoint presentation?

The end: the most important phase of a presentation The ubiquitous use of this phrase has always been a mystery to me. What does “Thank you very much for your attention” mean? What’s the real message? Thank you for listening to me?

What can you do wrong with a presentation?

Avoid too small fonts or too small pictures. In addition, avoid using too much text and too many effects per slide when creating your presentation. Confusing technical vocabulary or complicated graphics also have a rather daunting effect on the listener.

What is a title slide?

The title slide is the first sheet to be seen when opening PowerPoint in an empty presentation. The title is entered in the upper box. To add the title, we click on the top box, after which we can see the mouse pointer waiting for input.

What belongs in a PowerPoint presentation?

The best rules for a convincing PowerPoint presentation A good lecture is a relevant extract. Be sparing with style elements. It all depends on the order. Rigid graphics are rarely remembered. Create a stir. The main role is not played by the slides, but by you. Hand out a handout.

How many slides should a PowerPoint presentation have?

As a rule of thumb: 2-3 minutes per slide. This means: a maximum of 30 slides with a presentation time of 60 minutes. Your audience sees your presentation for the first time and most of the time they have no idea about your topic.

What can I do with PowerPoint?

With PowerPoint on your PC, Mac or mobile device you can: Create presentations – from scratch or from a template. Add text, pictures, clip art and videos. Choose a professional design with PowerPoint Designer. Add transitions, animations and film movement.

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