When can I deregister from the municipality?

When can I deregister from the municipality?

Before registering at the new place of residence, you must de-register with the old municipality. Deregistration must be made on the day of departure at the latest. The Swiss who move away can have their home registration issued at the residents’ registration office.

How can I deregister my subtenant?

As a rule, it is the main tenant who can or must terminate his sub-tenant, e.g. because of his own use. With such a termination you can make a lot of mistakes and it is usually better to have the termination drafted by a lawyer.

Can you deregister in Germany from abroad?

De-registration when moving abroad If you move out of an apartment and do not move into a new apartment in Germany, you must de-register at the registration office within two weeks of moving out (17 para. De-registration is possible at the earliest one week before moving out (17 para. 2 p. 2 BMG).

Can I stay registered in Germany and live abroad?

Can I stay registered in Germany and live abroad? The short answer is yes and no. The apartment must be sufficiently large and have at least sleeping accommodation, a bathroom and a kitchenette (Section 20 BMG). The German state then assumes that you can be reached by post there.

Can I be registered in Germany and live abroad?

If you move from Germany to another country, you must deregister at the relevant registration authority in Germany. In Germany there is a general obligation to register, ie every person residing in Germany must be registered there.

Can you have 2 main residences in the EU?

In short: As Info has already written, it is not a problem to have more than one place of residence in the EU. The center of life is decisive. It would then be a main residence in each country. There is neither a uniform reporting system in Europe, nor is it otherwise prohibited.

Can I have health insurance in 2 EU countries?

Our answer: In principle, medical treatment can be obtained within the framework of the social security agreement within the EU and some countries outside the EU upon presentation of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Can I keep my account if I move abroad?

It can be useful for many emigrants to keep a current account in Germany, for example in the event that bills still have to be paid after moving. Even if it is usually not a problem to keep an account, it is still advisable to check with the bank.

What happens to my loan if I move abroad?

If you move abroad during the loan period, it makes sense to keep a parallel residence in Germany. As long as the monthly installments continue to go from a German account, the bank will usually not take action. However, if the installments are not paid any further, the loan can be canceled.

How long can I stay abroad without deregistering?

“This obligation exists for people who otherwise live abroad and are not registered in Germany in accordance with Section 17 (1) [zur Wiederanmeldung] after three months. ” According to Section 27 (2) BMG, you only have to register again if you are visiting your home country for more than three months.

Can I open an account in Germany from abroad?

You come from a non-EU country: Before you can open a current account, you need the registration certificate from the residents’ registration office. Only if you can prove to the bank that you live in Germany will they set up an account for you. You also need a work permit.

Can I open an account without a residence?

If you want to open an account in Germany, you no longer need to provide proof of permanent residence. In the near future, the banks will only be able to reject asylum seekers who have entered the country without identity papers as customers in exceptional cases.

As a Swiss citizen, can you open an account in Germany?

The situation is different with German banks. Even Swiss people who are not resident in Germany can open a euro account there. The Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) has one of the best offers with its DKB cash account. A Visa credit card in euros is available free of charge with the account.

Can you open an account as a homeless person?

Who is authorized to open a basic account? According to Section 1 of the Payment Accounts Act (ZKG), every consumer is allowed to open a basic account. Natural persons who are not consumers are not entitled to such an account. Homeless people are also entitled to the account.

Which banks are required to open an account?

Basic account – the new current account for everyone. With immediate effect, every bank in Germany is legally obliged to open a current account on a credit basis for every consumer, regardless of their social position.

Which bank is legally obliged to open an account?

The bank or savings bank must grant everyone a Jedermann account, regardless of their social origin or nationality.

Does everyone have the right to an account?

Consumer finance Everyone has the right to an account. Every citizen can open an account. Asylum seekers and people who live with us with tolerance also have this right. It has also made it easier to switch accounts from one bank to another.

At which bank do you get an account despite a negative Schufa?

You get these accounts despite a bad Schufa rating. Even with a bad Schufa rating, you can get a current account. The banks hold so-called basic accounts ready for this case. In our example calculation, the basic accounts of Consorsbank, ING and Comdirect were the cheapest.

Who can open a current account Which conditions must be met?

Adults of age can open a current account at any time – but subject to certain conditions. Minors (between 7 and 17 years of age) are also allowed to open an account in their own name. To do this, however, they need the consent of their parents or legal representatives.

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