When do I have to inform employers about OP?

When do I have to inform employers about OP?

The legal regulation states that a medical certificate (so-called yellow certificate) must be submitted to the employer by the 4th day of illness at the latest. Of course, the employee must inform his employer immediately (preferably immediately) if he does not show up for work due to illness.

How do I report sick to my employer?

You are only obliged to inform the employer about the sick note on the first day (e.g. by e-mail or telephone or, as here, by a relative) and to present the original of the sick note to the employer no later than on the fourth calendar day. If you keep this, you are on the safe side.

What does the employer get in case of hospitalization?

However, the entitlement to sick pay arises from the beginning of hospital treatment, even without an AU certificate. As proof of incapacity for work, proof of the hospital admission and discharge notification of the inpatient stay or

How long must the job be maintained in the event of illness?

In the event of illness, employees receive continued pay from their employer for six weeks. This is what the Continued Remuneration Act stipulates. After that, the health insurance company steps in with sick pay. Employees can then count on around 70 percent of their gross salary.

Are you entitled to your old job after a long illness?

Overview of the questions and answers (Magazine “plus” 06/2018: Do you have a right to return to your old job after a long illness? No, this right does not exist in principle.

How long does a job have to be kept free during parental leave?

Maternity leave usually begins six weeks before and ends eight weeks after childbirth, or twelve weeks after childbirth in the case of premature or multiple births. There is a strict ban on employment during maternity leave, so pregnant women are not allowed to work on maternity leave.

Who receives a sick note after the health insurance company has issued a notification?

The employer As long as no one has given notice, your contract is still valid. Even if the company no longer pays you. So, from an employment law perspective, your company may require you to continue filing your sick leave.

What happens next after the health insurance company has been discharged?

After the adjustment, the financial security is usually provided by unemployment benefit (employment agency) and disability pension (pension insurance). In most cases, the health insurance company informs the insured person in good time about the imminent outage. Apply for a pension (disability pension).

How long does entitlement to ALG 1 remain in the event of illness?

You will continue to receive unemployment benefits for up to six weeks while you are ill. After this so-called continued payment of benefits, you are usually entitled to sick pay. Statutory health insurance will pay for this for a maximum of 78 weeks as long as you continue to be unable to work.

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