When do I use half quotes?

When do I use half quotes?

Single (or half) quotation marks are mainly used in scientific papers for a quotation within a quotation or for emphasizing terms.

When do you write lowercase after the colon?

Accordingly, after a colon, the first word of a complete sentence is capitalized, but lowercase if it is a part of a sentence or an individual word that is not a noun (cf. Duden – Dictionary of Linguistic Doubts, Mannheim 2016).

Like colon?

The colon is often used to announce an enumeration. It should be omitted if the list is preceded by another form of announcement, i.e. a formulation such as “namely”, “for example”, “specifically”, “that means” or “among other things”.

Is it always capitalized after a colon?

The colon comes before direct speech and quotations, before enumerations and before special information. After the colon, you usually continue to write normally. However, if the colon is followed by a complete sentence, capitalize the beginning of the sentence!

How do you write the abbreviation for for example?

example that for example (abbreviation eg)

For example in a sentence?

However, if the sentence structure introduces a subsequent specification, there is a comma in front of it (“Many things are misunderstood, for example the lack of …”). Additional rule: If “for example” is combined with “if”, “like”, “than”, “that”, there is always a comma before the sentence insertion.

Like with or without a comma?

The comma next to how (for example) is optional. But: The trend is clearly towards omitting the comma! Example: In other countries such as B.

Such as synonym?

for example · e.g. (abbreviation) · about · exemplary · (or) for my own sake · let’s say (inserted in front) · so (roughly) · like · how about · like for example · e.g. B. (abbreviation) for example eg (common, abbreviation, Latin, rare) par exemple (common, French, obsolete) per exemplum (common, Latin)

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