When do the grades have to be entered?

When do the grades have to be entered?

“In principle, grades can be collected at any time as long as no annual report has been handed over,” says the spokesman for the ministry. There are always cases where certificates that have already been completed are changed again shortly before they are handed over.

Do grades in school matter?

The expert Olaf K├Âller says, yes, grades are important: the students find out how good they are in a subject. Good grades can later also be decisive for a place at a university or in a company. The better a degree, the greater the chance of getting a good job.

How many 5’s can you have in your vocational school certificate?

At vocational school you can have as many 5s and 6s on your report card as you can fit on it. There is no such thing as sitting down. The company can apply for a downgrade at most.

What is a vocational school leaving certificate?

1.3 Vocational school leaving certificate The vocational school leaving certificate is issued when the student leaves the vocational school and has not achieved the goal of the respective vocational school course.

How important are grades in vocational school?

The vocational school is different. At the end of a certain period4, the students in the vocational school3 aim for an exam that they want to pass so that they have learned the trade. The grades of the school are not relevant at the end of the training to pass the exam!

What happens if you get stuck in vocational school?

Can you stay in the vocational school? No, there is no provision for dropping out, comparable to other types of school, at the vocational school. Pupils who have not successfully completed the vocational school due to their performance do not receive a certificate of completion, but a so-called certificate of dismissal.

What if I don’t complete the training?

If talking to your trainer doesn’t improve the situation, you should seek outside help. Possible contact points are here: The careers advice service can advise you and support you with tutoring in vocational school subjects or other offers of help.

Why is vocational school important?

You will be taught the necessary theory at the vocational school. Your training company releases you to attend classes. The fact that you attend vocational school is also important for your company. There you will acquire exactly the theoretical knowledge that you need for your professional practice.

How important is the vocational school certificate?

The vocational school certificate is rather unimportant for a job. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce certificate is important. This certificate documents through the corresponding grades for the written parts of the exam that you have properly prepared for the exam.

How important is the training certificate?

You will also receive a certificate of completion from your vocational school at the end of your apprenticeship. This contains the last grades for all subjects that were given to you during your time at vocational school. The certificate also states that you have successfully attended vocational school.

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