When do you finish college?

When do you finish college?

How long is college in the US? College in the US usually lasts about 4 years and ends with a bachelor’s degree.

How old are you in 10th grade?

In the 10th grade you are about 16, 17 years old when you have survived everything “normally”. Then you have the middle school certificate, which you get in the Realschule.

What grade would I be in America?

The American school system begins with elementary school. Depending on the district, this school goes through fourth, fifth, or sixth grade. This is then followed by junior high school or middle school, which lasts up to the eighth or ninth grade.

What is 8th grade in USA?

A child’s school career in America begins with the six-year elementary school, which begins with kindergarten and continues through the 6th or 8th grade. In grades 7 to 9, the middle school or junior high school continues.

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