When do you use a slash?

When do you use a slash?

Slash as fraction mark According to Section 3 of the 106 of the Orthography, the slash can be used to indicate the ratio of numbers or magnitudes in terms of a connection with je/pro: 80 km/h on average, 1000 inhabitants/km2.

How to write slash?

How to insert a backslash with the keyboard in WindowsTo create a backslash (backslash), press the “Alt Gr” and “ß” keys on your keyboard at the same time. Press and hold these two keys together to create a backslash that looks like this: \.

How to get the backslash?

The backslash is on the German keyboard on the same key as the ß (Eszett) and can be produced with the key combination Alt Gr + ß. On the Swiss keyboard it is located next to the character

What does a dash mean?

The dash sets accents, it emphasizes, separates and creates tension. A dash creates an effect on the reader. Depending on usage, a different punctuation mark such as a comma, parenthesis, or colon is substituted. In addition, there is always a space before and after the dash.

What is the function of the dash?

The dash is often used where there is a distinct pause in spoken language. Often other punctuation marks such as commas or brackets could be used in such cases.

When hyphen and dash?

Hyphen and dash are related but have different purposes. Visually, they differ in length: a hyphen is short (-). A dash is long (–).

When do you use a hyphen between two words?

A hyphen can also be placed between two nouns if three letters of the same word meet. This is the case, for example, with a “tea egg” that is spelled correctly. The spelling with a hyphen is also possible here: Tee-Ei.

Which hyphen between numbers?

Spelling: the long dash. In the first case with spaces before and after. In the second case, the minus sign comes directly in front of the number. This dash is always placed between the year and numbers when “until” is meant.

Where do you put the hyphen?

In juxtapositions and compositions with word groups, hyphens are placed between the individual words. This also applies when letters, numbers or abbreviations are part of a composition 2>. Substantive components retain their capitalization (D 68).

How to make a backslash windows?

If you want to write a backslash, press the keys [Alt Gr] + [ß] simultaneously. Of course, you also have the option of using the on-screen keyboard to write a backslash.

What is the ALT key on Mac?

The Alt key is on the bottom row on Mac keyboards, to the left or right of the command keys.

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