When do you write the end in uppercase or lowercase?

When do you write the end in uppercase or lowercase?

The word combination “to end” consists of the preposition “to” and the noun “end” in the dative. There shouldn’t really be any doubt here that “Ende” as a noun always has to be capitalized.

Is the ending a noun?

Noun, n. word separation: End de, plural: Ends.

What part of speech is end?

Ende (German) Part of Speech: Declined Form Hyphenation: En|den Pronunciation/Emphasis: IPA: [ˈɛndn̩] Grammatische… final result (German) part of speech: noun, (neuter) cases: nominative: singular final result; Plural final resultsGenitive: …

Is end a verb?

end up. weak verb – 1a. stop spatially, do not continue; 1b.

What is your part of speech?

eure (German) Part of Speech: Declined form Secondary forms: meine Hyphenation: eu|e|re Pronunciation/stress: IPA: … yourtwillen (German) Part of Speech: Adverb Other spellings: euretwillen Hyphenation: eu|ert|wil|len …

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