When is the hyphen used?

When is the hyphen used?

The hyphen must be used to form compound phrases. The same applies to compositions with abbreviations, digits and numbers. The hyphen also serves as an additional dash when parts of a word are saved.

When together and when with a hyphen?

A hyphen can also be placed between two nouns if three letters of the same word meet. This is the case, for example, with a tea egg that is spelled correctly in this way. The spelling with a hyphen is also possible here: Tee-Ei.

How do you put dashes?

But basically you just need to remember: the dash is longer and slightly narrower than the hyphen….correct form of the dash2013, Alt + C,Alt + 0150 (please enter the number combination in the number pad) or.Ctrl + minus sign (again, that use the minus sign on the numeric keypad).

When is space after hyphen?

The hyphen joins several words together. No space is made. If three vowels meet in compound nouns, there is a hyphen. Street names with at least two names or a title and a name are written with a hyphen.

Which hyphen for to?

According to the Duden, there are no spaces before or after a bis-dash (“3-4 €”). When using the dash between years, this is usually set without spaces: “1961-1989”. An exception is the representation between the year and day: “13. August 1961 – 9th

What’s the name of the hyphen?

The English word hyphen can mean both “hyphen” and “dividing line”. In German, the English foreign word hyphen is mainly used for the Unicode character that corresponds to the divis. The hyphen-minus sign is called hyphen-minus in English.

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