Where do you see yourself in 5 years answer examples?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years answer examples?

The best answers and examples …. Where do you see yourself in five years: 5 good answers Answer 1: Leadership ambitions. Answer 2: Specialized career. Answer 3: Social engagement. Answer 4: Innovative ability. Further entries …

What can be stated as a weakness in the interview?

Examples of interview weaknesses I don’t like speaking in front of a larger audience. I find it difficult to say no to others. Sometimes I’m a little too direct. Sometimes I am not very organized and do too many things at the same time. More entries …

What do I wish for my professional future?

My professional future. My goal for the next few years is to work in a work environment in which I can bring my many years of professional experience, my personal skills and my newly acquired knowledge to bear.

How do I plan my professional future?

We’ll help you plan your future piece by piece! … InformingThe career information center (BiZ) or the career advice service of your local employment agency. Open days at universities and training companies. Study advice at universities.

What are your professional goals?

For your orientation and inspiration, we have listed a few more examples of career goals: Better pay, more professional contacts and build a network, more responsibility, take regular breaks, better work-life balance, respect from colleagues and superiors.

What are your strengths?

Strengths are personal competencies and talents that consist of thoughts, skills and behaviors (so-called soft skills). If they are used, they will help you prove yourself in certain situations with other people and at work.

What do you write when setting goals in your résumé?

Goal formulations are not only relevant for your résumé and thus your success in the job market. In general, an objective is understood to be the definition of a specific intention, for example in relation to your professional career. But it can also play a major role in private life.

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