Which health insurance company has the best benefits in 2020?Which health insurance company has the best benefits in 2020?

Which health insurance company has the best benefits in 2020?

Once a year, the business magazine Focus-Money looks at the services of the statutory health insurance companies. Compared to the last test, not much has changed at the top: the best health insurance company in 2020 is Techniker ahead of HEK and AOK Baden-Württemberg.

Which health insurance company is the best?

HEK – Hanseatic Health Insurance
The test winner and thus the best health insurance company is Techniker Krankenkasse. In second place in the ranking of the best health insurance companies in Germany is HEK – Hanseatische Krankenkasse. IKK Südwest takes third place. The Techniker Krankenkasse and the HEK – Hanseatische Krankenkasse are open nationwide.

Which health insurance is cheap?

Viewed nationwide, the following health insurance companies are cheap:

  • hkk – total contribution 14.99 percent (additional contribution 0.39 percent)
  • BKK Firmus -15.04 percent (0.44 percent)
  • BKK Verbund Plus – 15.1 percent (0.5 percent)
  • IKK Healthy Plus – 15.2 (0.6 percent)
  • Audi BKK and TK – 15.3 percent (0.7 percent)

Will health insurance contributions increase in 2021?

According to the Handelsblatt, most people with statutory health insurance expect an increase in the additional contribution of 25 to 100 percent from 2021 compared to the previous year. The Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), the largest statutory health insurance company in Germany, wants to increase the additional contribution by 0.5 percent.

Which AOK is the best?

AOK PLUS best regional health insurance company For the comparison, the DFSI put the benefits, customer service and financial strength of the health insurance companies to the test and rated them equally. The AOK PLUS received the award “Best Regional Health Insurance Fund”.

Which health insurance pays 100 percent for artificial insemination?

IKK – The Innovation Fund The IKK pays up to 100% of the costs for artificial insemination as a special additional service for a maximum of three attempts (IVF or ICSI). A treatment plan must be approved prior to treatment.

Which health insurance company is the cheapest for employers?

Health insurance companies open nationwide

health insurance Contribution rate The average is 15.90%, of which 1.30% are insurance-specific additional contributions green: additional contribution below average red: additional contribution above average blue: average additional contribution
Debeka BKK 15.50%
Audi BKK 15.70%
BKK VerbundPlus 15.70%

Are all statutory health insurance companies the same?

Since 2015, health insurance companies have been able to determine the amount of their contributions themselves. The general contribution rate of 14.6 percent applies to all funds. In addition, most health insurance companies charge an additional fee of varying amounts.

Which health insurance company will increase the contributions in 2021?

At the beginning of 2021, many health insurance companies such as Techniker, Barmer, AOK and Co. will increase their contributions. Some health insurance companies, such as the AOK, give the Corona* pandemic as the reason for the premium adjustments. Policyholders do not have to put up with the jumps in contributions from the health insurance company.

Will health insurance contributions increase?

If you earn more, you have to pay more accordingly. Anyone who receives more than 4800 euros gross per month will probably have to pay 30 euros more monthly contributions in the new year – equivalent to 360 euros a year.

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