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Which house entrance door is the best door?

We understand how a real entrance door becomes the design center of the aesthetics of your home and can really complement its architecture.

Hauseingangstür von Pirnar Designzentrum der Ästhetik des Hauses dunkelrot aus Metall schreibt sich in die Fassade ein Blickfang

How can a real entrance door become the design center of the aesthetics of your home and really complement its architecture? The front door of Pirnar warmly welcomes you and your guests into your house.

Worried about getting the fully integrated door? The company Pirnar will ensure a perfect fit. Your beautiful wooden doors or aluminum doors in the colors according to the RAL scale or perhaps the doors with cover glass are made to measure. With their wide range of designs, color options and finishes, as well as glazing options, you are sure to find the perfect front door for your home.

Handmade perfection – energy efficiency and durability

All doors, made by a team of exceptional artisans, are the perfect addition to your home. If you will complete existing windows as well as the style and length of time of your home this will truly become a cozy center that you are looking for.

Hauseingangstür von Pirnar moderne Architektur Haus in Weiß Flachdach deckenhohe Fenster elegante dunkle Tür fügt sich perfekt ein

Every front door offers you peace of mind and security in facing the challenges of modern life. With state-of-the-art multi-point locking systems, state-of-the-art weather protection, exceptional energy efficiency and high-quality durability, the Pirnar entrance doors are the perfect choice for the maintenance of your home.

Entrance door made to measure just for you

All Pirnar front doors are unique to you and your home. Your fitters and consultants will take the time to professionally survey them to properly understand your requirements. They will ensure that your new front door is meticulously handcrafted and delivered on site for a flawless assembly.

Her collections of entrance doors really cannot be compared to the others. Each brings the aesthetics of beautiful wooden or aluminum doors that will withstand all weather conditions. There is also a wide range of glazing options – whether you are looking for modern black glass, sandblasted glass for optimal privacy, or a more traditional glazing option.

Elegant and functional with an eye for details

The Pirnar company prides itself on its own sense of detail. Whether you are looking for a more modern or traditional finish, you can be offered perfect accessories for your entrance door. They also offer a wide variety of beautifully crafted door accessories and door fittings, available in a range of high quality finishing materials – brass, chrome and stainless steel. Everything designed and manufactured by Pirnar.

Hauseingangstür von Pirnar Türzubehör Türbeschläge hochwertige Materialien Messing Chrom Edelstahl

Whether you are looking for a wood color, a vibrant, standout color, or a more traditional color, you will find it all at Pirnar. You can choose between more than 200 RAL colors so that your entrance door looks exactly the way you want it.

The best materials, worked to provide pleasure

The Pirnar company has a dedicated team of experienced craftsmen who are highly qualified and have many years of experience. All doors are custom made to your liking, no matter what, what you have in mind. Each Pirnar door has had its own unique journey.

Hauseingangstür von Pirnar hohe Ästhetik Qualität hochwertige Materialien je nach Wunsch des Kunden

Committed to quality

They are known for exceptional performance at all stages of design, manufacture, and installation. Their loyal advisors ensure the best experience for every single customer. They are convinced of the long-term quality of the traditional doors they manufacture, which give and guarantee every customer security and carefree.

Choose your own pirnar

Listen to your heart and choose the entrance that will be admired by everyone. If you have a door made to measure, you give your entrance a personal touch. With custom manufacturing, they guarantee you completely unique entrance door, which comes with a company certificate and an engraved plate on which you can engrave a personal message or name.

Hauseingangstür von Pirnar individuelle Note modernes Design Blickfang hochwertige Materialien verschiedene Farboptionen

There are no limits for Pirnar entrance doors: flush or slightly more diverse door surfaces, the use of simple geometric shapes or playing with stained glass and patterns, different material and color options, your wishes are an order for Pirnar, as this is the only possibility, unique Creating doors for unique residents.

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