Which quotation marks are correct?

Which quotation marks are correct?

The following simple rule applies: 99 below, 66 above. Example: The quotation mark at the end of the sentence always comes after the final punctuation mark! Guillemets are considered the more elegant quotation marks and can be used in reading typography just like the German quotation marks.

What is the Left Control key?

The CTRL key is located in the bottom left corner of every keyboard. In addition, there is usually a second CTRL key to the left of the arrow keys. The CTRL key helps with key combinations to save time and not having to interrupt the writing flow by using the mouse.

Where is Ctrl Alt Del?

The key combination CTRL + Alt + Del or Ctrl + Alt + Entf calls up different functions on the computer. Starting with Windows 7, this opens a menu in which you can lock the PC, change the password, log out or start the task manager.

What happens when you Ctrl Alt Del?

This combination of buttons control [Strg], Alt and Del has a similar function to the key combination Alt + F4 and causes – depending on the operating system – the immediate closing of the current application and under Windows the opening of the TASK Manager in which each individual process and each individual …

What to do if Ctrl Alt Del no longer helps?

Press and hold the Windows and press the power button towards you (or can be unlocked by pressing CTRL + Alt + Del.) Press Windows and press the power button to unlock. (Or you can unlock by pressing CTRL + Alt + Del).

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