Which socket for satellite?

Which socket for satellite?

The left socket is intended for TV reception, which can be: DVB-T (terrestrial roof antenna) or DVB-C cable. The right socket is intended for VHF, the signals can also come from a roof antenna or a cable connection. It remains to be clarified whether the two sockets deliver a signal at all.

How do I get SAT TV?

Three things are necessary for the installation of satellite TV: an antenna with a receiver, a receiver that can also be plugged into the television, and various cables depending on the living situation. When it comes to antennas, the parabolic antenna known as a satellite dish is the classic variant.

How much does satellite TV cost?

Specialist companies charge between 45 and 55 euros per man and hour for connecting the satellite dish. All work is normally completed in four to six hours. The prices, including setting up the bowl, range from 360 to 660 euros.

How much does a satellite connection cost?

Apart from the broadcasting fees, there are currently no other costs for satellite television. Even if, as planned, all broadcasters switch to fee-based HD TV in the future, the price should be around EUR 70 per year and thus be significantly cheaper than cable TV.

Will the satellite dish be abolished?

ARD satellite program soon only in HD resolution In mid-2020, ARD and ZDF are to stop broadcasting their programs via satellite in SD quality. The Commission for determining the financial requirements of the public service broadcasters (KEF) named this goal in the 21st report, as reported by InfoDigital.

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