Which Statement Best Expresses How Prospero Treats Ariel

The first lines of Ariel’s speech show that he is willing to do whatever Prospero asks of him. This indicates that he has many fantastic powers and a large sector of the spirit realm to himself. The second lines show that Prospero is cruel and has other plans for Ariel’s life. Which statement best expresses how Prospero treats Ariel?

While ariel is working for Prospero to earn his freedom, he is concerned about being true to his word. During the play, he manipulates Miranda to make her think that he is dead. This may be an indication of tension between the two characters. In the play, Ariel uses her manipulation skills to win the trust of Prospero. Throughout the play, Ariel is manipulated by him to get what she wants.

Ariel tries to convince Prospero that his tricks have worked. He tells him that he would treat Ariel with tender affection if he were human. The trick has worked, but now the relationship between the two characters is strained. However, Ariel is also manipulating his way out of a tight situation by telling Prospero that he will suffer if he does not obey him.

Although Prospero is not the best king in the world, he is still the most powerful in the play. The shipwreck is a crucial piece of his plot, as it allows him to get the freedom he desires. Ariel has agreed to work for Prospero for a year and thus is obligated to do so. This relationship between the two is a sign of a growing tension between the two characters.

Throughout the play, Prospero is in control. He uses magic to manipulate the characters to achieve his goals. He uses magic to gain control over Ariel. When Caliban refuses to obey, Prospero threatens to give him a painful aching bone and cramps if he doesn’t comply with his demands. In a nutshell, he manipulates Ariel to do what he wants.

The second statement best expresses how prospero treats Ariel. Ariel has promised to work for Prospero in exchange for his freedom. The two of them are at odds with each other. Ariel is worried that Prospero will not keep his word and that she will end up in a jail. Which statement best expresses how prospero treats an ARIEL? It is important that you choose a phrase that will help you answer these questions.

The first statement is the most powerful. It describes how Prospero treats Ariel in terms of his motives. As a result, Ariel is concerned that he will be able to stay alive despite the fact that he is working for a year for Prospero. If she does not obey, Ariel is more likely to end up in a prison. If she is not willing to work for a year, Ariel’s actions are not worth a prison sentence.

The first statement describes Ariel’s actions. In the second, Prospero is a manipulator. He uses his tricks to manipulate Ariel and other characters. For example, he manipulates Ariel by telling her that he will only work for him for a year if she obeys him. This is an example of manipulation. The second statement, which is more appropriate, shows how ariel treats Prospero?

The second statement is a direct comparison of the two statements. In the second statement, Ariel’s words are more ambiguous. If she is angry, she will lash out at Prospero. If she is angry, she will use her magic to get her way. In the third, she will curse Prospero, but she will not. The first sentence, however, shows that she does not want to be cheated.

In the first statement, Ariel appears to the three men in a harpy form. A harpy is a monster that combines human and animal parts. This creature is similar to a harpy, and both have a woman’s head and a bird’s wings. It is important to note that the harpy’s vision is meant to scare the men, but he is not a harp.

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