Who decides on compulsory schooling?

Who decides on compulsory schooling?

Until the child comes of age, the legal guardians are responsible for compliance with compulsory schooling. After completing the 18th year of life, the student is responsible for himself.

What happens if you don’t go to school?

The fine for truancy must be paid by the parents or the student themselves. From the age of 14, the student must reckon with having to pay a fine for skipping school. The parents then no longer have to pay the fine.

Do you still have to go to school after 9th grade?

Compulsory schooling lasts until the school year in which you turn 18. The so-called regular schooling, which lasts nine or ten years depending on the federal state, is followed by a secondary school or an apprenticeship. If you can’t find an apprenticeship, you go to a vocational school.

What is compulsory schooling like in Germany?

In Germany, most children start school at the age of six. Some start school at the age of five, a few as late as seven. Children must attend these public schools for at least nine years. Children and young people are generally required to go to school until they are 18 years old.

Where is school not compulsory?

Schooling is not only compulsory in the USA, but also in Great Britain, Denmark, Austria and Finland.

When does compulsory vocational schooling in NRW end?

According to Section 38, Paragraph 3 of the SchulG, compulsory schooling for young people without a vocational training relationship lasts until the end of the school year in which they turn eighteen. Each school year officially begins on August 1st of each year and ends on July 31st.

When do I have to attend vocational school?

For young people without vocational training, compulsory schooling lasts until the end of the school year in which the pupil turns 18. You’re through the end of the school year! in which you reach the age of 18. Compulsory vocational school.

How can I avoid compulsory vocational schooling?

Different compulsory schooling laws apply in each federal state. The following applies in Bavaria: With the middle school certificate, you are no longer required to attend vocational school, unless you then start an apprenticeship. There is no exemption because of high school.

Can I be exempted from vocational school?

Exemption from the vocational school is only possible after a written application. This must be provided by the training company and submitted to the vocational school in good time. Failure to meet deadlines can mean that an exemption is not possible, even if there are understandable reasons.

Is Bvj compulsory?

In some federal states, it is compulsory for people under the age of 17 to complete a BVJ as long as no other training place is in sight. The BGJ is aimed at those under the age of 18, but you need to have completed a secondary school and have completed compulsory full-time schooling – that’s usually eight to ten years.

When does compulsory vocational school end in Bavaria?

The vocational school is compulsory and attendance regularly lasts three years. The trainee is required to attend vocational school for the duration of the training, but at most until the end of the school year in which he or she turns 21.

Can you leave school after 8 years?

That’s why you can only legally drop out of school after nine years (including honor laps), that’s how long compulsory schooling lasts and you have to go to school. Anyone who leaves school earlier must expect to be subjected to administrative offense proceedings for “violation of compulsory schooling”.

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