Why am I studying Political Science?

Why am I studying Political Science?

Political science analyzes these and many other issues in a systematic way. It thus contributes to a deeper understanding of today’s world and its problems, deals with basic and detailed questions of the political order and can also support politicians in their search for solutions.

What do you do with a degree in political science?

Political scientists analyze political, legal, social and economic systems. You examine the international relationships maintained by states and deal with national and international institutions and organizations.

What is political science?

Political science, also political science, science of politics, scientific politics or political science, as an integration science, is part of the modern social sciences and deals with the scientific teaching and research of political processes, structures and contents …

What does a political scientist do?

Political scientists analyze the political, legal, social and economic system of the Federal Republic of Germany and other countries. They work, for example, in the editorial field, in market and opinion research, in public relations or in science and teaching.

How does one become a political scientist?

How does one become a political scientist? To become a political scientist, you have to study political science and you need at least a bachelor’s degree. However, a master’s degree is very useful for research work and for taking up management positions. Your career opportunities are then much better!

How much does a Political Scientist make?

Salary political scientistRegion1. Quartile mean Bavaria 3,286 € 4,261 € Berlin 3,373 € 4,175 € Brandenburg 2,812 € 3,228 € Bremen 3,410 € 3,914 € 13

How much does a lawyer earn?

According to, a fully qualified lawyer can expect an average starting salary of 3,770 euros per month (as of June 2019). Anyone who works for a large corporation or a large law firm immediately after studying law can, with luck, even earn twice as much.

How much does a Sociologist make?

Salary range: Sociologist in Germany €51,921 €4,187 gross salary (median) for 40 hours per week: 50% of the data sets are above this value and 50% below. Calculation: 300 data records of people working in this profession (regardless of professional experience, personnel responsibility, etc.).

What can you do with a sociology degree?

Professions after studying sociologyAdvisory work for organisations, parties, politicians, associations.Human resources/personnel development.Career advice.Market and opinion research.Marketing/advertising.Statistics departments in companies and authorities.Editorial offices, freelance journalists/authors.

What do you do as a sociologist?

Sociologists examine the structures of human societies, collect and analyze sociological data, explore social phenomena such as education, political decision-making, crime, unemployment, examine the structures of social structures and institutions such as companies, families and parties.

What can you become with sociology?

in the social sciences you usually found your own profession in the private sector. The most common jobs in which sociologists and social scientists find work in the private sector include: human resources work, project management or market and competition analysis.

What do you do with a philosophy degree?

What jobs are there with a philosophy degree?Scientific research.Teaching: public and private sponsors.Ethics committees and technology assessment analyses.Marketing.Management consulting.Media: journalistic work or work in a publishing house.Lektor.IT service.

Is sociology right for me?

Sociology is a theoretical major that deals with scientific concepts and studies. Social work, on the other hand, makes you fit as far as theory is concerned. If you dream of working in the field of social work, sociology is not the right alternative for you.

How much does a Social Scientist make?

Social Scientist Salaries in Germany As a social scientist you can expect an average salary of €47,800. The salary range for a social scientist is between €36,400 and €53,500.

What can I do with a social science degree?

Courses in social sciences deal with the structures, conditions and forms of human coexistence. If you want to understand how people and society are influenced by culture, politics and business, then the social sciences degree is right for you.

What can I do with ethnology?

Anthropologists (also: social and cultural anthropologists or ethnologists) carry out systematic social and cultural studies on the diversity of human lifestyles from both a contemporary and a historically anchored perspective.

What is the social sciences?

What are social sciences? “Social sciences” – sometimes also called “social sciences” – refers to scientific disciplines that examine the phenomena of human thinking, feeling and acting, but above all of social coexistence.

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