Why do I want to be a teacher?

Why do I want to be a teacher?

Working until noon, good pay, a secure pension, long vacations are all reasons that speak for the teaching profession. But you also have to know the downside: children with behavioral problems, high levels of stress and noise, exhausting parents. The need for new teachers is great.

Do you become a civil servant during your traineeship?

General. The preparatory service for civil servants aims to acquire career qualifications. Civil servants in preparatory service are basically in a civil servant relationship that can be revoked. Civil servants in preparatory service have not yet been awarded an office in the sense of status law.

Is a traineeship an apprenticeship?

The traineeship or preparatory service is the second part of teacher training. A traineeship is a preparatory service, i.e., strictly speaking, a training period for a future civil service career in higher service.

Are you a public servant as a trainee?

Anyone who is in a public-law training relationship does not benefit from the services of the employer that arise from the duty of care for his civil servants. As a trainee lawyer, you are then an employee in the public sector who is subject to social security contributions.

How much does a traineeship in Bavaria earn?

High school teachers: Salary in traineeshipFederal statecandidate salaries in eurosBavaria1,535.21Berlin1,480.46Brandenburg1,540.10Bremen1,464.3912 •

How much does a teacher traineeship in Bavaria earn?

Elementary school teacher: Salary in traineeshipFederal stateSalary €/monthBavaria1,503.44Berlin1,446.10Brandenburg1,508.84Bremen1,431.8412 •

Do you get paid for the traineeship?

Legal trainees do not receive a salary in the actual sense, but a maintenance allowance. The difference: Salary is paid in return for work done. The maintenance allowance is only intended to secure the trainee’s livelihood and has the character of a social benefit.

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