Why do I want to become an MFA?

Why do I want to become an MFA?

Why should you become a medical assistant? Doing an apprenticeship as a doctor has a decisive advantage: as a medical specialist you work in one of the most fundamental medical professions and are the most important employee of doctors and therefore indispensable in the healthcare system.

What do I have to do to become a medical assistant?

Accordingly, special personal requirements are also expected: organizational talent.

What does it take to get a medical assistant degree?

You can theoretically become a medical assistant or doctor’s assistant with any school qualification or even without any qualification. In practice, the majority of trainees have an intermediate school leaving certificate, as determined by the Federal Institute for Vocational Training (BIBB).

Can an MFA work in a hospital?

Doctor’s assistants are the organizational pillars of doctors of all disciplines. They usually work in doctor’s offices. However, they can also be used in hospitals and comparable facilities such as health centers.

What other jobs can an MFA do?

This can be, for example, as a clerk, office manager or salesperson in a company that belongs to the healthcare sector. At Mfa mal anders you will therefore also find many alternative job opportunities that you can practice with your knowledge and skills as a medical assistant.

How can I continue my education as an MFA?

In general, the following continuing education courses are highly recognized and rewarding when pursuing a career as an MFA: Business graduate – Health Care Management. Specialist – Ambulatory Health Care. Practice Assistant. Specialist – Health and Social Services.

How long does retraining to become an office clerk take?

The retraining takes two years on average.

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