Why is it good to know several languages?

Why is it good to know several languages?

Numerous studies show that, on average, multilingual people develop dementia later than monolingual people. Learning a language keeps your brain fit and increases your brain power. Not only can you speak several languages ​​by learning languages, but you can also do something good for your mind!

Why is so much English spoken in the world?

The expansion of the British world empire, the British Empire, ensured the worldwide spread of the English language. The English started very early, around 1500, to sail the seven seas and conquer foreign lands.

How many countries have English as an official language?

English is the official language in 38 countries and is spoken as a mother tongue by part of the population in a further 19 countries. The English language has its roots in the Indo-European language family.

What are the main languages?

The 10 most spoken languages ​​in the world1: Chinese. According to website, there are nearly 1.2 billion native speakers, including 1 billion who speak Mandarin. 2: Spanish. 3: English. 4: Hindi. 5: Arabic. 6: Portuguese. Is French losing its power?

Why should you learn Spanish?

Studies have also shown that studying a foreign language improves alertness, intelligence and the ability to learn other languages. 10) Because Spanish is fun! Speaking, hearing and understanding Spanish will enrich your life – and that’s what we want!

How did the Spanish language come about?

The first Spanish grammar was written in 1492 by Antonio de Nebrija. In 1713, based on the French model, the Real Academia de la Lengua was founded, which is considered a recognized authority on language issues.

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