Wizdawizard Net Worth

Wiz Da Wizard Net Worth

Wiz da Wizard is a renowned American rapper. His songs are known for their lyrics and hip-hop style. He is associated with Kodak Black’s Sniper Gang imprint. In addition to being a rapper, Wiz da Wizard has a YouTube channel. The rapper had a huge fan base on social media. He has been a part of the Sniper Gang for many years.

He began his career at an early age. During his childhood, he studied music. When he was 12 years old, he started taking his career seriously. This is where he met the rapper Kodak Black. They have collaborated in several songs. One of them is Roll In Peace.

Wiz da Wizard was born in the United States on June 11, 1997. During his early childhood, he was raised by his parents. Later on, he moved to Florida and lived there for a few years. Despite his success as a rap artist, Wiz da Wizard never earned any awards. However, he made a great deal of money from his musical career. It was estimated that his net worth could be around $1 million in 2021.

Although it is unclear how much Wiz da Wizard made from his music career, his earnings came from brand endorsements. He was also an active social media user. For example, he had a large fan following on Instagram and Twitter. In fact, he had over 150K followers on Instagram.

Among his fans are the Yudra twins. Another friend is the rapper Lil Big Pac. Many of his fans are known as the “Yudra gang” on social media.

During his early life, Wiz da Wizard was not involved in any gang rivalry. However, he was unhappy with his label, the Sniper Gang. So, he decided to move to a different label. At the time, he did not reveal his real name to the public. Until his death, he never told the media who he was.

He worked with Kodak Black’s Sniper gang for quite a while. Eventually, he released a solo album, Bound 2 Buss. On July 16, he uploaded the official music video for the song, Don Dada’s.

He also released an official music video for the song, Shooting Guard. The song has more than 109k views on YouTube. Several people have praised his songs. If he is still alive, the Wiz da Wizard net worth would surely be increased.

Even though he has not disclosed his exact personal details, Wiz da Wizard has a lot of fans on social media. His friends include the Yudra twins, Lil Big Pac and YNW Melly. Some of his songs have been played on radios. Therefore, his popularity is expected to grow in the coming years.

Though the cause of his death is not yet clear, authorities believe that foul play may have occurred. If the investigation results in a conviction of the perpetrators, justice will be served to the family of Wiz da Wizard.

He had a huge fan following on social media, and was considered a rap professional. His songs have a good rhyme structure, which helped him gain a large fan base. Moreover, he had a booming career on YouTube.

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