You Fake Like This Birkin Bag

Do you think you own a counterfeit Birkin handbag? Here are some of the signs you might be carrying a fake. First of all, the handles should be longer than the other parts of the bag. The feet should be easy to unscrew and be firmly attached. They should also feel luxurious and not cheap. A counterfeit Birkin should be expensive leather. But if it is cheap and not made of the highest quality materials, it probably is a fake.

Hermes bags are famous for their high retail value. The process of making a genuine Birkin involves years of training. Many artisans train for at least 10 years to get the skills to create one. The craftsmanship involved is so high, that fakes are a dime a dozen. That’s why Hermes bags are so expensive. You can tell if your Birkin is a fake by inspecting its hardware.

Another sign of a fake Hermes handbag is its shape. Hermes Birkin bags should stand upright without bulging. If the handles bend in, it means it has been stored improperly. The handle of a genuine Hermes handbag should be straight and sturdy. Likewise, a fake’s handles should be flexible and have the same shape as a genuine one. In addition, the hardware should be shiny and free of scratches.

The hardware on a Hermes Birkin should match the metal in your handbag. Hermes would never scrape the tabs or make them look square. A genuine Hermes Birkin would have a clear protective film covering the screws and the clasps. And a genuine Hermes Birkin should be free of scratches or cracks. This can help you avoid a fake Birkin bag. So, do not be fooled by the price tag, which is likely to be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A real Birkin is more expensive than a fake one. Hermes has sued websites selling counterfeit bags, and a jury awarded the brand $100 million in damages. These companies have a very low reputation for quality. You may find it cheaper, but it’s worth it. However, a genuine Hermes is a rare item. You should not be worried about the price tag when buying a replica Birkin.

The zipper should be parallel to the zipper, not at an angle. A real Hermes zipper will not flop. The zip should be parallel to the bottom of the bag. If it is hanging down, it is a fake. And a genuine Hermes zipper will have the Hermes logo engraved on the metal pull. A fake Hermes clochette will have the inscription “HERMES”. You can find the same thing by examining the hardware.

When buying a Hermes bag, be sure to check the label. The letter should correspond to the year of production. In the case of a fake, you should look for the clochette to be in the same color as the bag. A genuine Hermes clochette is not likely to have the logo. You can also verify the date of production. In the case of a genuine Hermes clochette, the letter should be asymmetrical to ensure authenticity.

You can check the zipper. A genuine Hermes Birkin has a zipper in its front and back. A fake Hermes is going to be a couple of centimeters off from the original. Then, you should take note of the shape of the strap and the hardware. Hermes has a woven leather strap, which is usually the same color as the fabric of the bag. Lastly, Hermes is using the finest quality leather in its creation of the bag.

The hardware of a Hermes Birkin should match the metal of the bag. You should be able to feel the metal. If you do not, then you should also be aware of the color of the straps. Moreover, Hermes Birkin hardware should be smooth. If the hardware is not smooth, it is probably fake. If it is, you should not buy it. But if it is shiny, you can use it to identify a fake Hermes clochette.

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