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12 pumpkin decoration ideas that are quick and easy to replicate

Halloween is just around the corner and most of you have probably decorated your home accordingly without forgetting the entrance, haven’t you? But today we want to show you 12 easy-to-replicate decoration ideas with pumpkins, which you might find useful if you want to give your decoration for Halloween the finishing touch. With us you will find everything from steampunk decoration ideas to practical ones to Cinderella pumpkin carriage. In our photo gallery of pumpkin decoration ideas you can see those that can be copied in just a few hours.

Magic in the garden


It should be magical and dreamy in the garden on Halloween!

Add a little more magic to your garden by carving a garden elf or fairy on a large pumpkin. All around you can place more pumpkins, on the surface of which you carve stars in a swirling pattern. This little pumpkin ensemble looks magical and your friends and relatives will definitely notice.

Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage


Make your little ones more happy with the Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage!

Toddlers always love to hear about Cinderella and even dream of this magical fairy tale world. To please the little ones, you can turn a pumpkin into a Cinderella carriage or decorate it in such a way that it transports your little treasures into a dreamlike world. Halloween is the best occasion for it, isn’t it?

Pumpkin terrarium


Arranging a mini terrarium in a pumpkin is a great idea

Create a mini terrarium in a hollowed out pumpkin with small wooden houses, chopsticks, pine cones, moss, and other gifts of nature that are among your favorites. Use battery operated lights to illuminate the inside of your pumpkin terrarium. This works best with an artificial pumpkin because the inside of a real pumpkin will rot quickly.

Day of the Dead Stag looks back on a long history


A decorative motif from Mexico and Latin America

Celebrate the traditional Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead, by painting your favorite animal on a pumpkin and embellishing it with flowers, vines and leaves. Paint the pumpkin a light color and, as soon as the paint is dry, use permanent markers to draw a deer’s head, for example. Actually, you can choose a different animal motif. To complete your creature, you will need to add some more color to it. Isn’t that an interesting Halloween decoration idea?

A flock of birds decorates your pumpkin decoration in the interior

flock of birds-curb-decoration-curb-decoration-for-halloween

It could also be romantic….

A flock of crows circling a large pumpkin is a wonderful, eerie highlight in the interior, especially for Halloween. Cut out crow silhouettes from black paper and use glue or double-sided tape to attach them to the pumpkin. Put one end of a wire in the top of the pumpkin and use it to continue the spiral of the birds into the air. Doesn’t it look a little romantic?

A pumpkin decorated in steampunk style


If you like the steampunk style ……

Pull out all your old bolts, nails and screws and create a steampunk style pumpkin to add a special touch to your home decoration. Turn your pumpkin into a steampunk jack-o’-lantern or create graphic designs with the metal pieces. Secure them with hot glue or other quick drying glue.

Pumpkin vase


Such an enchanting flower arrangement can be made in a hollowed-out pumpkin

Use a pumpkin as a vase to showcase the beauty of your garden before it gets too cold outside. It’s very easy to do. Place a vase in a hollowed-out pumpkin and arrange beautiful garden flowers in it. You could take some herbs with you, like fennel for example, to add more greens.

Arrange flowers, pumpkins and other gifts of nature together


A big pumpkin stands here as a real eye-catcher in the middle

Make a large pumpkin the centerpiece of your fall decoration. This can be placed on a vase or on another, robust, cylindrical object in order to stand really firmly. Surround the main vase with smaller vases and fill them with your favorite fall flowers and leaves. Spread some pine cones around the vases and your eye-catcher in the living room is ready!

Beautiful beans decorate the pumpkinis


Beans as a pumpkin decoration? – Yeah, not a bad idea!

Give your pumpkin a total makeover by covering it with dried beans. Create patterns and textures by attaching them to the pumpkin with hot glue. You can take a specific type of bean and use it to achieve a monochromatic look. Or try different varieties to add extra color.

Decoupage with delicate flowers


Have you ever seen a better decorated pumpkin?

You can decorate a pumpkin with dried flowers, in decoupage style, and turn it into a great eye-catcher immediately. You can glue the flowers on when they’re dry or leave a few of them three-dimensional to add extra texture to your pumpkin.

Gold monogram on a pumpkin


A gold monogram looks great on the pumpkin though!

Add some shimmer to your pumpkin by decorating it with gold leaf. Cut out a monogram from the gold leaf and attach it. If you don’t particularly like this decoration, then peel it off. This is surprisingly easy to do. But we hope you would like the idea!

Delicately glowing pumpkins


Luminous little stars spice up the pumpkins and turn them into great highlights in the garden

Create a place outside, perhaps on either side of the house entrance, with sparkling pumpkins. Use fairy lights or Christmas lights for this. First, hollow out the pumpkins and use a drill to make small holes on their surface. Fill each hole with a Christmas light. This is how you get pumpkins that shine like thousands of little stars!

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