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5 popular blooming wonders impress with their natural beauty in winter

Each of us would like to freshen up the dreary winter gray and long for a new can of natural beauty in our four walls. Surely many readers think that this would be impossible in winter. We want to prove exactly the opposite to you today and would be happy to show you the 5 popular blooming wonders that delight our eyes and soul in the winter months.


In the middle of the snow, the modest and beautiful flowers of the Christmas roses show up

1. The Christmas rose
In frost and cold outside, the Christmas rose surprises us with its delicate flowers. This wintry blooming wonder brings a romantic note to every garden or outdoor area, because it shows its very delicate flowers and immediately transforms into an undisputed highlight outside in the snow. That is why the Christmas rose is still called snow rose or is known as hellebore. It shows us its flowers from January to April, can grow up to 30 cm high and decorate the garden for up to 25 years in winter climates. The colors are just as amazing as the shapes of the flowers. They’re colored in white, pink, purple, and other great shades.


The Christmas rose is an excellent table decoration

1_christmas star

Is this your favorite of the winter blooming wonders?

2. Poinsettia
The poinsettia is also known under the name Christmas star or Advent star and is one of the most popular indoor flowers in winter. It impresses with its star-shaped, red-colored bracts and is always a great eye-catcher in the Christmas decoration at home. The Christmas star can also decorate the house entrance or the veranda, of course it depends on the outside temperatures in your region. The Christmas star usually reaches a height of 60 to 80 cm, its flowering time is between November and February. Despite its natural beauty, it has one disadvantage: it is very demanding. It is therefore not easy to maintain it all year round. Caution is advised when handling the poinsettia, because the wintry beauty is slightly poisonous. It belongs to the so-called wolf milk family. If you cut its leaves, a white milky sap will appear, which could cause skin irritation, nausea, and abdominal pain.

3_christmas star

Christmas decorations are not complete without the poinsettia.

2_ knights star

The beautiful amaryllis impresses with its colors and patterns

3. Amaryllis
The beautiful amaryllis (also known as the knight’s star) is a subtropical bulb plant that grows well in our climatic conditions. It has its great blooming phase exactly in December and shows us indescribable flowers in white, pink and red. There is a variety of colors and patterns, as 70 species and over 600 cultivated forms are currently known. Despite the natural beauty of the amaryllis, we must warn you that all of its parts are toxic. It is best to keep this flowering wonder away from toddlers and pets so that you avoid any possible risk of poisoning.

Enchantingly beautiful in red

Enchantingly beautiful in red

1_christmas cactus

Blooms at Christmas time

4. Christmas cactus
The Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) is without a doubt one of the most popular winter bloomers. It enchants young and old with its splendor of flowers, which it shows us at Christmas time. The Christmas cactus is not a cactus plant because it has no spines. The color palette of its flowers is broad, it ranges from white to orange and pink to red or burgundy. In its flowering phase from November to January, it needs regular watering and fertilization every two weeks. Avoid any waterlogging, however, as this can kill the beautiful flower. Then we can admire its beautiful flowers for a longer time. He prefers a warm location at home, but without direct sun. Never place your Christmas cactus close to a heater because it does not like direct heat. You can take him outside in spring. It is best to stand in the shade or partial shade until the next autumn.

2_christmas cactus

Surprise your loved ones with a special gift – Christmas cactus!


Delicate flowers on Christmas morning promise good luck in the New Year

5. Branches of Barbara
And in fifth position we present you the most delicate blooming miracles, which are associated with many folk legends and myths. The Barbara branches look back on a long history and it is popularly said that when they open their buds on Christmas morning, it is a clear sign that the family will experience good luck next year. The Barbara twigs are fruit tree twigs that you have to cut outside in the garden on December 6th (St. Barbara’s Day) and then tended at home in a vase with lukewarm water. They surprise us with their delicate blossoms exactly at Christmas and make our hearts beat faster!


Cut fruit tree branches on December 6th. and especially at Christmas they will blossom at home


Delicate flowers in white – the perfect table decoration for Christmas


Admire the delicate blossoms of the Christmas roses in frosty and cold weather

2_christmas star

The red bracts are a great highlight in the room and immediately attract everyone’s attention.

3_ knights star

Pleasure for the eyes

3_christmas cactus

So much beauty that you can’t take your eyes off of

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