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A feel-good atmosphere: furnishing the bedroom

Relaxation, rest and personal well-being are particularly important in the bedroom. After all, this room in the home is used for relaxation and for spending quality time with the family.

In order for these requirements to be met, a clear concept and an inviting atmosphere are required. This is achieved by a number of factors that are presented below. The right decorative elements, such as a great picture of the nude painting, then round off the very special atmosphere of the bedroom.

With a single picture of the nude painting, you can completely change the look in your own bedroom.

Schlafzimmer einrichten Aktmalerei ein tolles Bild das Ambiente aufpeppen visuell verändern

Furnishing the bedroom: finding the right concept

When it comes to bedroom design, many people don’t really know where to start. It is then helpful to first take stock and find out how the room looks. Then it can be defined which requirements exist in terms of functions, style and colors. Virtual interior designers are often of great help when making a decision.

When designing the bedroom, your own personality is very important. Some people dream of a purist industrial-style room, while others prefer a white canopy over the colonial-style bed. The choice of colors and furniture should always be adapted to the basic concept. From this base, a red thread can be spun that runs through the entire bedroom design.

However, it should be kept in mind that very special themed rooms, such as a tropical room with decorative wallpapers and floral patterns, quickly lose their charm and the longing for calm colors will soon arise again. It therefore makes sense to use patterns sparingly and to use thematic accents in the form of textiles, decorations or pictures. These can be changed depending on your mood.

The design of the bedroom expresses a lot of your personality.

Schlafzimmer einrichten Aktmalerei drei Bilder an der Wand über dem Schlafbett Hängelampe Raum in verschiedenen Graunuancen

The right color concept

Of course, personal preferences are primarily decisive for which colors are chosen for the bedroom. However, too many different colors should not be combined with one another. A good tip is to choose two to three basic tones that can be used as a basis for additional colors. This means that these colors belong to the same color group or are just a shade lighter or darker.

Those who have opted for mint green in their bedroom, for example, can combine additional pastel tones to create a harmonious overall picture. If mainly bright, retro-style colors are chosen, pastel tones, on the other hand, are rather out of place.

If there is uncertainty about the choice of color, the virtual room planner can help. However, when choosing the right colors, their basic effect also plays a role. Light colors appear light and create clarity, while dark nuances radiate security and intimacy. Calm is created by green and blue tones, yellow colors provide energy.

These soft shades of blue exude a lot of calm and serenity in the bedroom.

Schlafzimmer einrichten sanfte Blautöne Ruhe und Gelassenheit ausstrahlen

Create the right proportions

When furnishing the bedroom, the wrong proportions can quickly become irritating. If it is an old building with very high ceilings, color-accentuated walls or a color-designed ceiling can optically bring this further down.

High pieces of furniture, on the other hand, are particularly suitable for small rooms, as they make the ceiling appear higher. When buying the furniture, you should already consider how the basic bedroom furnishings should be designed. For example, large rooms need a large bed, but this quickly makes a small room seem very cramped.

A large and comfortable bed is a must in the bedroom!

Schlafzimmer einrichten großes bequemes Bett ein Muss beruhigend wirkende Farbpalette

The darkening of the bedroom

Semi-tight fabric curtains ensure sufficient darkness in the evening. These allow a little light to shine through in the morning, which supports the biorhythm when you get up in the morning. Those who prefer to choose their curtains in light or white fabrics can install an additional roller blind to darken them. This also ensures reliable privacy protection.

The typical hotel solution is also very popular. This consists of a double curtain of a white, light curtain and a heavy and opaque curtain made of fabric. In this way, depending on the situation and needs, the room can be darkened without any problems.

Opaque curtains combined with white thin curtains provide good privacy protection in the bedroom.

Schlafzimmer einrichten schwere blickdichte Vorhänge aus Stoff kombiniert mit weißen dünnen Gardinen richtiger Sichtschutz

Ideas for open space solutions

Regardless of whether the home office also has to be accommodated in the bedroom, a studio apartment or a loft – the work area should in no case affect the bedroom atmosphere. Specifically, this means that technology, cables and computers should be neatly stowed away in hidden drawers and compartments. This creates a tidy and tidy impression when entering the room.

To make this possible, there are, for example, suitable secretaries that can be folded out or desks that have a lot of hidden storage space. Cable spirals or cable trims are ideally suited to make annoying cables disappear. If the work area is to be additionally screened, a sliding roller can be mounted on the ceiling or a screen can be used.

If you like the contrast between white and black….

Schlafzimmer einrichten Kontrast zwischen Weiß und Schwarz Bild an der Wand Aktmalerei

Or do you prefer different shades of gray?

Schlafzimmer einrichten dunkles Bild über dem Bett verschiedene Graunuancen

The right textiles in the bedroom

Decorations that are too extensive are rather unsuitable in the bedroom, but the textiles cannot be chosen opulently enough. Bed linen, carpets, pillow cases, bedspreads, throws and curtain fabrics are very suitable for giving the room a color identity. A mix of different surfaces and materials is great for playing.

Those who prefer the country house style, for example, rely on the combination of light and white shades in the form of a sand-colored quilt and a white throw. Linen cushions in pigeon blue go well with this. If, on the other hand, the design of the bedroom is rather mysterious and dark, there are noble accents in fabrics such as satin and velvet in purple, royal blue or emerald green. The bedchamber is given an oriental touch by a canopy over the bed – oriental or Indian fabrics are particularly suitable here.

Color accents in purple make your bedroom look more interesting and add a dramatic touch.

Schlafzimmer einrichten interessante Farbakzente in Lila Wurfkissen dramatische Note mitbringen

Conscious use of color accents

A modern effect is given to the bedroom if the game with contrasts is well mastered. Contemporary interior design lives from the colors black, white and anthracite. Striking accents can be achieved through the use of geometric patterns. The color highlights are provided by plaids, bedspreads, additional pillows or carpets.

If a more minimalist interior is chosen for the bedroom, the textiles should be limited to two or three colors. This makes the bedroom look clear and calm.

Create a friendly and inviting room atmosphere!

Schlafzimmer einrichten Bett Grautöne weiße Gardinen eingebauter Kleiderschrank links freundliche einladende Raumatmosphäre

Invisible storage space or wardrobe?

As a rule, the bedroom appears tidier and clearer, the more invisible the clothes are kept. If a corner or alcove of the room can be separated as an invisible, walk-in closet with a sliding door or a curtain, this is a great solution.

If this is not possible, however, a conventional wardrobe is required. The effect of the room can be enhanced by mirrored doors. If the color of the cabinet matches the wall behind it, this effect is also achieved.

The royal blue can be combined well with white and other shades of blue.

Schlafzimmer einrichten Königsblau Bettkopfteil weiße Bettwäsche

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