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A leap into the past with the rustic style

Curious to learn more about the history of this style? The term rustic comes from ancient Rome and referred to the stone cladding of a building at that time. The material gave the impression of stability and thickness.

Dining table dresser wood sloping roof white glass wall flowers deco-rustic ideas kitchen

Wooden dining table and chest of drawers, sloping roof painted in white

In the second half of the 20th century, designers were concerned with the idea of ​​looking for more functionality in furnishings, using modern materials and simple shapes. Natural wood, ceramics and stone were seldom used; instead, people became familiar with gloss, metal and plastic. The new rustic style included technological materials, cool materials and simple surfaces.

Dining table solid wood wooden frame wooden chairs modern rustic design ideas

Modern meets vintage

The overall characteristics of this old style of furnishing can most often be described as “elegant coarseness describe. It is not intended for every interior because of solid wood, cold stone and their almost aggressive appearance. Rather, the rustic style is meant for country houses and classically furnished apartments in Mediterranean or Italian style, the experts believe. And of course it occurs in the beautiful private mountain huts.

Large kitchen planning kitchen cabinets old-fashioned wooden floor marble sink-rustic design kitchen furnishings

Commercial kitchen planning with retro kitchen cabinets and old-fashioned wooden floors

Let’s best assume that rustic is a combination of rudeness and simplicity. The style is based exclusively on natural materials – in the cladding and furnishings.

Wood Wall Mirror Vanity Lanterns-Rustic Bathroom Furniture

Wooden wall mirror and retro lanterns above the modern sink

One advantage is precisely this simplicity, which every designer can deal with. Following the basic elements in the interior, this style could be imitated in the home.

Wooden ceiling Wooden beams Wooden floor Stone fireplace Marble panels Recessed spotlights White rustic home furniture Kitchen

Rustic ambience full of romance

The simplicity always needs air – more space without furniture and decoration. The dark tones come to the fore, so the rustic style is more suitable for large rooms.

Do you know that the dark colors make the room look smaller and vice versa?

Wooden Wall Animal Fur Chaise Lounge French Window Marble Shower Cabin Fireplace Opulent-Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Does your dream bathroom look the same?

The cladding must be made of natural, roughly treated material. If you like, you can try to give your furniture a worn look yourself.

Wooden walls hanging lamp stove marble wood kilim bird feeder-rustic kitchen design

My country kitchen!

Ideally, the furniture should mimic a rough, clumsy, handcrafted composition. This is where the charm of the rustic style lies – in its imprecise elegance. Where can I get this facility from? Online auctions offer such authentic furniture. You can also buy solid wood furniture from a furniture store or create the vintage look yourself. However, this style does not allow counterfeit furniture. For this reason, you’d better invest in solid wood furniture. The MDF fakes look a lot worse, as do the laminate floors for that particular style.

Wooden walls wooden frame lantern hut mountain hut-rustic design bathroom

You shouldn’t have to worry about this so-called authenticity in the interior. The rustic style is not in conflict with the new technologies. We don’t give up modern technology, we just cover it up. The electrical devices in the household are stowed behind posters, blackboards or even foil, for example.

Kitchen wood furnishings wood shelves cabinets worktops vintage rustic design

And in vintage style here

The decorative items are in small quantities. Textiles and wall decorations should be used sparingly. The lighting, on the other hand, should ensure a feeling of wellbeing and tranquility.

Kitchen island suction device solid wood kitchen mirror tiles hanging lamp marble wood ceiling beams-rustic interior design

Do you also dream of such a kitchen

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