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Cozy dining room for your meals with family and friends

Although our everyday life is very stressful and dynamic, we don’t want to go to table alone. But on the contrary. Meals are often organized with family and friends, which are always colorful and cheerful. In this article we want to show you how you can make every gathering with family and friends pleasant and atmospheric. In the following we present you great ideas for a cozy dining room. Here you will find creative and very practical tips for designing a space for your meals together with loved ones at home. Stick with it and get inspired!

gemütliches Esszimmer modern gestaltet

An open space concept in which the dining room is directly connected to a spacious kitchen.

  1. Carefully choose the room for your dining room

The modern-minded person has many different demands on his own home, including the dining room in this number. The space for the dining room must therefore be properly planned when designing the apartment or house. It must be as open as possible, in the best case directly connected to the kitchen. The open space concept has been very popular in recent years, so you can successfully combine the kitchen, dining and living room in one. If you live in a large house with a veranda and garden, it would be advisable to plan for access to the outside directly from the dining room. Experts in the field of eating habits advise us to eat outside in the fresh air at least once a week when the weather is good. You can also organize great outdoor garden parties there in summer.

geräumiges Esszimmer Wanddeko Zimmerdeko

Wide, open and modern in design: spacious dining room, very intelligently designed, is directly connected to the living room

gemütliches Esszimmer Sitzbank Deko Kissen

The nice view from the dining room is always a plus. The direct access from this room to the outside area also counts.

  1. Modern interior design in the dining room

Design your dining room so that you, as well as your family and friends, feel comfortable and at ease there every time. Place the dining table in the middle of the room and put matching dining chairs on it. Of course, the dining table is the undisputed eye-catcher in every dining room. Put a nice tablecloth on it and place a vase with fresh flowers, a candlestick for a romantic dinner for two or just a bowl of fruit. Decorate as you like and depending on the season.

romantisch gestaltetes Esszimmer Fotowand

Pure romance in the dining room! Have the guests been invited?

modernes Esszimmer Essstühle aus Metall

Modern dining room with a dining table in the middle, metal dining chairs all around

  1. Room decoration and lighting in the dining room

We started by saying that the cozy atmosphere is a must at every meal. The room decoration and the lighting in the dining room are important aspects that can go a long way towards creating a relaxed atmosphere. The wall decoration in the dining room should be rather unobtrusive, it should not distract anyone from eating or communicating at the table. Beautiful murals are recommended, which do not serve as eye-catchers and do not attract everyone’s attention. Green houseplants are popular in any room, but the dining room benefits most from their presence. They bring a natural freshness to the ambience and clean the room air. In short, without green houseplants, a dining room looks uncomfortable and unfinished.

gemütliches Esszimmer Blumentöpfe Hängeleuchten

Well decorated dining room: the flower pots on the windowsill correspond with the brass accents of the hanging lamps. The mural rounds off the chic room look.

Zimmerpflanzen tolle Highlights im weißen Interieur

A few green houseplants break through the white interior and serve as great highlights there

Last but not least, we would like to talk about the room lighting in the dining room, because it can enormously enhance the cozy atmosphere there or ruin it. As far as the light sources are concerned, you have a wide choice: pendant lights above the dining table, a chandelier in the luxurious dining room, built-in ceiling lighting, spotlights and much more. Before you choose something specific, you have to rethink your lighting concept and only then make a decision. Do you actually need directed light in the dining room or rather diffuse light? That is entirely up to your wishes and preferences! It is important that your dining room looks cozy and inviting and nothing should spoil this cozy feeling there!

schönes gemütliches Esszimmer perfekte Raumbeleuchtung

Such a beautiful dining room with perfectly thought-out room lighting!

kleiner Tisch Glasplatte Blumen auf dem Beistelltisch Metall

Skilfully pairing daylight and artificial lighting

schöne Blumen Obst auf dem Esstisch Wanddeko

Beautiful flowers and a bowl of fruit on the dining table are a must in the comfortably furnished dining room.

Esstisch Stühle aus hellem Holz

The minimalist style dining room can also be very cozy and inviting

minimalistisch eingerichtetes Esszimmer

Minimalism in the dining room: the bright interior is dominated by the white dining room set

wohnzimmer esszimmer und küche

Dining room and kitchen in one radiate warmth and cosiness

Interessant Esszimmer Gestalten Ideen

Pure grandeur in the dining room

Gardinen stilvoll eingerichtetes Esszimmer elegantes

The curtains create a sense of breadth in this stylish dining room

Pendelleuchte modernes Esszimmer gestalten Ideen

A dining room can exude so much style and taste!

modernes Interieur schicke Hängelampe Hingucker

A modern hanging lamp above the dining table is the icing on the chic interior

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