Allysa Rose Net Worth

Allysa Rose Net Worth

Besides being a beautiful actress, Allysa Rose is also a very successful model. Her net worth is estimated to be over $2 million. She is one of the most sought after models in the world and is often photographed by famous celebrities and models. She has also been seen in numerous advertisements and commercials.

About Allysa Rose

Until recently, Allysa Rose had a net worth of zero dollars. She is no longer married to Josh Rose, a former professional footballer and a former member of the National Soccer League. Since she has already moved on, the former star of Graveyard Carz has snuck in under the radar. She is also the proud parent of two daughters. Allysa, a true car enthusiast, works in her father’s garage and has the knack for transforming old cars into new ones. She also has a flair for the esoteric.

While it is not the most lucrative career move, Allysa’s love of all things cars and motorcycles hasn’t hurt her net worth. She has been in the business for as long as she can remember. She has also been married to Ryan (the name alone is enough to scare away the skeptics) in the past, but that’s another story. In the meantime, she has been dating fellow car enthusiast Anthony Johnson.

Graveyard Carz

Known as the only female on the cast of Graveyard Carz, Allysa Rose is a renowned television personality. Allysa is a trained dancer and is the daughter of Mark Worman, creator of the show. During her first season of the show, Allysa was employed in a hair salon.

Allysa Rose is known for her softhearted nature with animals and children. She has been married to Josh Rose, an Australian football player, and has a daughter, Emma Rose. The couple also had a son, Anthony Rumbler Johnson. However, the relationship did not last long. The two have been divorced.

The family is still keeping their personal lives private. Besides being on the show, Allysa Rose is a researcher and painter for the show. She has appeared in all the seasons of the show. In addition, Allysa Rose has also been involved in the show’s YouTube videos. Allysa Rose has over 21,000 Instagram followers. She also has about 20,000 Facebook fans.

Relationship status with Chris Wanke

Besides her work on Graveyard Carz, Allysa Rose has been involved in family business. She and her husband Chris Wanke are raising their daughter Capri together. They often share family photos on Instagram.

Allysa Rose grew up in Hawaii and was involved in dancing from a young age. She studied ballet, tap and jazz. She has also had training in classical dance. She began her acting career by appearing on Graveyard Carz, a reality TV show that focuses on the repair of old and decaying muscle cars.

She has an impressive social media following. Allysa has shared pictures of herself with Chris Wanke, a retail store manager for T-Mobile. She also shared a photo of herself with a mysterious man.

Allysa Rose has a net worth of $1 million. She earns money by appearing on Graveyard Carz. She also works in her father’s garage. Her father, Mark Worman, is a producer of the show. He is also a TV actor.


Currently, Allysa Rose is in a relationship with Chris Wanke. The two have been spotted together at various times. They also shared a picture of them kissing. They have also been seen attending various games. They are also believed to be parents to a child.

Allysa Rose’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. She earns her income as an engineer and actress. She also appears in the popular reality TV show Graveyard Carz. She has a huge social media presence, with an estimated fan base of 26k on Instagram and 22k on Facebook. She posts cute pictures of herself, her family and her lover. Her posts usually garner around 1k comments on Instagram.

Allysa Rose has been married to Josh Rose, her co-star in Graveyard Carz. She and Josh have two children. They welcomed their first child Emma Rose in 2010. Their daughter was born in 2015. They separated in 2011. They got married again in January 2015. They celebrated their wedding anniversary in July 2012.

In 2010, Allysa Rose and Josh Rose got married. They were a huge hit on the show. However, their marriage lasted only for a few years. They split five years ago. Their separation led to rumors of divorce. However, Allysa and Josh never confirmed the rumors.

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