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An eclectic but beautiful bathroom would that even be possible?

For the modern person, the bathroom is his very own personal space for pure relaxation and complete relaxation. The hygienic function of this very important room seems to us to be a matter of course, so we don’t want to discuss it today. It is clear to all of us that a bathroom can be designed in different styles, the main thing is that it meets the needs of its owner. From classic to modern to purist bathroom design, everything would be possible, it mainly depends on the available room size and your own preferences in terms of bathroom design. We want to be of some help in this regard and today we show you how wonderful an eclectic bathroom can look. If you are interested in it, then stay with us!

In the following we show you great bathroom examples that are a bit unusual or at least look like it. They all combine various stylistic influences with a strong statement in their designs. Maybe that’s why these bathrooms are so strange, isn’t it? At the end of the day, you can assess that for yourself!

Vintage Elemente moderne Badezimmermöbel

An eclectic bathroom that combines vintage elements with dark colors and modern bathroom furniture.

An eclectic bathroom can look classic, then a little weird, and then a little quirky. Here, the traditional white ceramic tiles can be paired with renovated bathroom furniture and contemporary patterned tiles. Or a rustic background would be just the right place in the eclectic bathroom. A brick wall and slate floor are of course combined with a metal bathtub, which would be a clear sign of eclecticism. Are you confused now? Don’t be! These bathrooms illustrate the idea quite nicely, removing any doubts about bathroom design.

eklektisches Bad wunderschön Wandspiege

A wall mirror in the style of the Renaissance, a modern bathtub in front of the fireplace and a pink flamingo in the white bathroom isn’t that the point of eclecticism?

Eklektisches Bad Innendesign

Add eye-catching touches to a neutral design concept and you already have an eclectic look

Bright colors are welcome in an eclectic bathroom. A classic gray and white color scheme is spiced up with splashes of orange. Because the use of this popping color is limited, the bathroom remains elegant instead of looking crazy. It’s an easy way to add new, bright, and even eye-catching touches to a neutral design concept.

Eklektisches Bad

Rough and smooth surfaces, different colors and materials are mixed here to achieve this stunning end result.

Now comes a very special bathroom in an eclectic style. Here rough and smooth surfaces are paired together and the end result is really breathtaking! The architecture of this bathroom contributes to its peculiar atmosphere, the bricks on the wall ensure a definitely rustic look and give the whole bathroom a lot of charm. The oversized slate floor tiles emphasize the rustic theme, but everything else pulls the space in an unexpected direction.

The vanity has a checkered pattern and the black sink and fittings are wonderfully up-to-date. Combined with the earthy nuances, they give this room a real, eclectic feel.

Eklektisches Bad schwarz weiß

Black and white is the classic in bathroom design

Now we have black and white in the bathroom in the classic color duo. There are many different elements in this monochrome room, such as the rounded shapes of the bathtub, Victorian tiles with contemporary touches, an industrial sliding door, a trendy black faucet and a rustic stool.

What doesn’t make the room messy when looking at it? This elegant Scandinavian color palette. Black and white, the absolute classic in design!

eklektisches Badezimmer herrliches Design

A luxurious but eclectic bathroom

The eclectic bathroom can also be a bit luxurious. Like this one. A decadent combination of color, shine, and texture instantly piques interest in this bathroom. Take a look at this washbasin, which glitters in gold! The pearlescent pendant light and the green plant, which is placed in a tall, elegant plant stand, are also great additions to this unique bathroom design.

eklektische gestaltung bad

Wood and ceramics can be combined in the eclectic bathroom

Add a contrast of wood and ceramic to the bathroom and you will get an unexpected result. The pink, green, black, and white tiles continue to amplify the colorful color scheme in this eclectic bathroom. The dark wooden screen and its wonderful wood carvings are handcrafted and bring a visual balance to this bathroom, which is completely tiled. Simple but eclectic!

moderne Badzimmermöbel und Accessoires

Eclectic bathroom on the top floor, the modern bathroom furniture and accessories contrast with the blue-patterned floor tiles and the crystal chandelier

Eklektisches Design Bad Dekoration Zuhause

Simple design in the small bathroom

moderne Badewanne Waschtisch Wandspiegel eklektisches Design

Gray is the new black! On its background, the crystal chandelier and the pink bench stand out very well.

eklektisches Bad eigenartiges Muster Bodenfliesen

Strange patterns on the floor tiles are immediately noticeable

Eklektisches Badezimmer

So much in a small area that your head could turn!

eklektisches Badezimmer Interieu

This eclectic bathroom is really wonderful and cannot leave anyone indifferent

Eklektische Badezimmer Waschtisch

The dominant colors here are blue, white, orange, and copper brown, but they stand on different textures

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